Thank Goodness for Thumbs, and the First Day of Spring!

As many know my not-so-trusty computer crashed and died last week. Now you understand why Doug is my sidekick, and not my computer. He is 16 , it was two.

This means I am coming to you live and in person from a new computer. I have had a frustrating week with tech issues. I woke this morning less cranky ( I can’t seem to type anything more hopeful than that), and thought I should do a TToT ( I had previously said something quite obscene about my chances of doing a list this week.)

All in all I need to remember perspective on first world problems…

SO here is me trying perspective on for size:

  • When the computer died. The hard drive went with it. I lost everything. Some things for good, but most everything was backed up on thumb drives (even that e***** book). I lost tons of photos that had been downloaded from my old computer, but again, remind myself that memory is biology’s answer to the flash drive.
  • cropped-unnamed-311.jpgHave I mentioned Doug?

Friends … virtual friends are one of the enigmas of this age. I wonder all the time about the closeness I feel to everyone out here. My real-time friends know just as much about the computer crash and even more about my physical stuff because they can visibly witness it…but I feel equally close to both groups… odd situations this technology thing brings about, eh? SO thanks to everyone that kept me sane this week and listened to me truly just endlessly b****. You know, one thing goes wrong then nothing is right… it’s complaints about everything…breathing becomes a complaint about the effort… it’s in …it’s out…it never stops! Thank you for listening to my absurd rantings all week.


If you hit the link above it will bring you to the page that describes the hop and the post after that one is the actual first edition. If you don’t have a blog, no worries, as we have a BOG page for the non-bloggers who would like to participate.

Please don’t get all hung up on the word “art.” The idea is anything creative that you find restful, or helps you focus, or in some way nurtures you or (if drama is your thing) feeds your soul. Come and tell us what it is. It can be a simple line or two about how you find swimming with alligators to be just the panacea your hectic life needs, maybe you cook, maybe you play an instrument, maybe you draw or make jewelry. Here’s a surprise…some of you may even write and want to leave a sample at the hop.

I’m hoping this once a month hop may lead into a push for myself and others by seeing what everyone is doing to stay motivated. Oh and really cool is the link stays open for an entire week!

  • I have been baking bread all week. Challah for a Shabbat Dinner  last night at a friend’s home. I have been working on finding more spiritual connections and friends have been very supportive.Today I am making raisin loaves and babkah for Easter Sunday next weekend . I would put in photos but haven’t downloaded anything to the computer yet. I figure this is my chance to be more organized which was one thing that has always eluded me in my computer files. So I am going to be patient.
  • I am grateful for my previous profession because I can be helpful not only to my own physical challenges but can help out others as well… I am heading over to a friend’s house in a few moments to tape up a rotator cuff injury.
  • I have also been given a huge gift in the direction of my private practice. A dear friend is retiring and invited me to take a cut of her practice. Translated, it means I will have a caseload increase and be able to increase hours privately, while decreasing my group practice hours. An incredible plus! I may be able to actually work the schedule I am often lying to my doctors about modifying.

Have a great week! Please think about participating in Heart and Mind Monday on the 28th.




IMG_0428 duck…


9 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Thumbs, and the First Day of Spring!

  1. I am so thankful that you were able to end the week with computer woes resolved. Nothing is more frustrating than having them crash. Our lives both at home and at work are so dependent on our ability to access. I’m so very excited about the new job opportunity, God has amazing ways of working out situations that feel hopeless! Have a truly blessed week ahead, a nice peaceful week!


  2. Every word was a blessing to me, Ivy– L’Chaim! So happy for the good news you share on all fronts. God is amazingly faithful, I know this to be true. Interesting cue for this week–brain is tick-tick-ticking!


  3. I mentioned online friends this week, too. It is a curious thing for those of us who grew up without computers, isn’t it? Although, I did have pen pals when I was younger, and in some ways, online friends are similar–and yet different.

    Sorry about your computer and lost files. I was just looking for a file that I think is lost, as well. I have some things on a portable hard drive, but the particular file I’m looking for must have gone down with the last laptop. Oh, well.

    I’ll see if I can join in the Heart and Mind Monday this time. (What? I have to do something emotionally therapeutic? Well, if I have to. . . ) I love “assignments” like this!


  4. My laptop has issues that I don’t want to face. I should probably be backing up pictures onto flash drives myself, although “memories are biology’s answer to the flash drive” is one of the best quotes I’ve read in ages. It’s a good thing your phone has been up and running or I wouldn’t have had the best St Pat’s Day greeting EVAH.


  5. If your story isn’t motivation to put everything on this laptop on a san disk or whatever the current, popular mode of backup, then I don’t know what is! So sorry you lost everything Ivy. It is an awful feeling.
    But! You’re back on the “wires” and I just know we’ll be reading all sorts of new and cool material ‘cuz, ya know…new computer! LOL Just teasing 😀
    The monthly hop sounds quite interesting but I couldn’t keep up with the 6 let alone a new hop
    (e-ew! how whiney is that?!). Having said that I will be sure to visit!
    Baking bread. Now that is one thing I’d like to do before I die. I don’t know about anything as elaborate as Challah. I’d probably go nuts trying to braid it 😀
    Congrats on the business expansion.


  6. Memory is nature’s answer to the flash drive. May just be a sign of the times, but that has a poetic ring to it!
    I am all fired up about the heart and mind. Need to get on it this week so I can join you. I love the idea.


  7. I am in constant fearful readiness that my computer will crash and I will have to start all over. Already had a bad time with that last year and this one won’t last much longer.
    I keep talking about it, but hope I haven’t missed much as I couldn’t figure how to take part. I just heard today about the invention of texture creating crayons, which might allow me to produce art again, but until then I did write my first song this week. I could share the lyrics on the 28th.
    Congrats on the increase in your case load, or whatever you call that.


  8. Thank you, zoe! For the warning. It’s ok (for this Comment) because I’m writing it from (you and your Readers/Commenters) Future!
    That’s right I’m addressing you all from 3 or 4 days in the Future! (Pretty cool, huh?)

    ….no, there are Rules and so, I can’t give you any details. sorry. But… but! the world does not end, at least not until after 6:43 am Wednesday the 23rd. (as to the rest of the day? you’re on your own).

    Anyway. Came here a little early recover the prompt word from this week’s Six


  9. HOORAY for a new computer and wonderful friends, however they turn up in our lives. SO glad about the practice gift – that’s going to help enormously, and YAY for baking. Nothing like fresh baked stuff, and I had Challah at Sarah’s and it was YUMMY!

    Also *hugs* for no reason (or any reason) and I hope I make it into SSS this time around, somehow, maybe, if I’m awake. It’s all taking a lot longer to get back to normal than I anticipated.


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