Childhood Memories






She hollered the call, as she solidly cuffed his skull through the mop of hair that stood up on the back of his head.

Sliding into his vacant spot in the circle of first graders, she prayed for him to return her affection.

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  1. This is a sweet story.
    I’ve never played this game, but we have a similar game, in which the ‘it’ drops a hankerchief behind someone secretly, instead of calling him ‘Goose.”


  2. How funny, I read this then reread the last line. As I did I was taken back to that time and remembered how that WAS how we felt! If he picks me he must like me!


  3. Nice one Ivy. Sweet. Simple. 🙂
    (“No! Don’t wreck the sentiment by adding”….life remains constant, non? The games of childhood become the games of adulthood.,..lol
    Happy Thursday !


  4. I love how kids show affection. My son and his friend used to play punch each other. A socially acceptable way for little boys to hug in public.


  5. yeah (keying on Val’s Comment) there was the ‘contest’ of ‘who can hit the lightest’. Always a scott to initiate the contest and he always lost! (Not to infer a gender bias, but those of us at that age were deeply involved in practicing our interpersonal skills…. now read the comments…. god help us all!)


  6. I am familiar with this game, but don’t ever remember playing it as a child. I love the sentiment though, it reminded me of primary grade classrooms where the boys who were pestering you the most were probably the ones who had a crush on you and vice versa. I remember wearing a dime store ring from one of those little boys for a short while. 🙂


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