Just a coupla things…

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    I’m just not gonna be able to do the A to Z this year. If I’m admitting it (and I am) I have been reeeeeediculously off my game for some time. Circumstances being what they are, I just don’t have the space for an extra thing when the regular things are too difficult as it is… so there you have it… oh well, next year… but hey, go for it and yeah team… I will support you in your efforts all the way… Just an FYI I am not posting this announcement on carrot as I kind of spend my real life with those people and don’t wanna hear about my health on a daily basis.

602f2164-6d6f-4708-b7b5-36d1c4948cd5The link for HEART AND MIND MONDAY IS STILL OPEN UNTIL MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK… GO CHECK IT OUT . Even if you don’t want to contribute there are some cool things there…




6 thoughts on “Just a coupla things…

  1. I won’t be participating either. I even had a theme chosen and everything, but my game is way off, too. I never thought I’d say it, but I’ll be happy being a cheerleader on this one.


  2. Just to let you know I haven’t died and gone to Hell. Even if showed up there (Hell), they wouldn’t take me in. I know that in my bones.

    Still living with depression and a dysfunctional body.

    Blessings ad Bear hugs!

    Rob-bear desert.epiphanies@sasktel.net bears-noting.blogspot.com in-the-urban-forest.blogspot.com



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