TToT : Down and Dirty


Ten Things of Thankful
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34 thoughts on “TToT : Down and Dirty

  1. (why, yes, I do pride myself on succinct, yet insightful Comments on other people’s blog post! thank you for asking)


    may be a slow TToT this week, as many are off participating in the ‘Tree and Me Blog Challenge’

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  2. oh yeah…. nice pitchas

    I like #7 (as a matter of fact, we must be simpatico as I often do the same thing, lets say there are people in my office and we’re talking… well, maybe they’re talking. I find that often what really cranks up the ole samadhi at time like that is, I balance two pens (one on top of the other… vertical and all) and just continue to pay attention to the other person who seems to just go on and on…..



  3. These are all notable blessings to count, and the fact that you could identify them after the kind of week you’ve had reminds the rest of us that there is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Each one of these made me smile, the little glimpses of what life consists of. You are important to me, and remain high on my list of thankful each week. Thank you for being a blessing!


  4. I’m impressed that your orchid bloomed. They sort of have an internal mechanism that’s difficult to understand. One of mine re-bloomed last February, the other- it has been years, but new green leaves and flying roots appear. I am sorry your week has been awful, but it sounds like the positive is going to start blooming like the orchid.


  5. I so enjoy your picture 10s Ivy 🙂
    Our dogs know when we need them the most. They just do.
    Those steps? Good luck on that. We bought some for our dogs many years ago. They wouldn’t go near them! They insisted on jumping into the truck their own selves lol


  6. Sending you so much strength and love.
    There are lots of good bits in there. I can tell that you fight so hard every single day. Doug is the best sick buddy there is. Popcorn helps too.
    I had strawberry and blueberry flavoured popcorn last week — OMG the WORST. Don’t ever even for a second think that it would be a good idea because it’s not. My kid even spit it out.
    Anyways, thinking of you. xoxo


  7. You’ve been on my mind.
    Anyone who can get an orchid to re-bloom has my respect. I seem to kill orchids.
    I have to agree with you about popcorn. I don’t know if John and I go to the theater primarily to see movies, or to eat popcorn. 🙂
    Finally finishing taxes made my list this week, too.


  8. As always, I love it all, Ivy. And I’m keeping the prayers soaring upward on your behalf–it’s the least I can do. I dare say the orchid blooming after “not” for a year sounds like a sign to me–God still does miracles today. And I recently bought a jar of popcorn–it always sounds sooooo good, till I have to floss… Much love to you and Doug–xxoo, Azul


  9. Popcorn is awesome. Thank you, Indians.
    Stacking rocks would not soothe me, as they would fall over and I would get frustrated and throw them.


  10. Sending you lots of healing thoughts and love ❤ I'm a white cheddar popcorn addict myself 🙂 Best wishes, dearest, feel better soon!


  11. Popcorn is pretty awesome.
    Our girls (and one guy) are free-ranging almost constantly now. There’s a hole in the fence, and they found it. The dogs are too old and lazy to chase them much, so they make it all the way to the driveway several days a week. Just so they stay off my porches, I’m fine with it. 🙂


  12. Yay that your orchid bloomed. That never happens with me. And that book looks so lovely. What a thoughtful gift. (and seeing your girls, makes me want chickens so very badly.)


  13. Hooray for your orchid, and for you being able to go out for a bit in the sun 🙂

    I made popcorn today. Twice. Because I discovered the first time that a) extra virgin olive oil is NOT the right oil to cook popcorn in, and b) I needed to shake the pan a LOT more. Needless to say, I ruined the bottom of the pan and had to scrub it clean between rounds 1 and 2, BUT…worth it in the end 🙂

    *hugs* Hope your next week is better.


  14. Seems like Doug is attached to his lovely winter coat. Almost as attached as he is to you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to both of you.


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