I’ve been a out of sorts lately. Having trouble writing, so I decided to just write this morning during a cancellation in my schedule and see what came up.


Someone told me how to fold fitted sheets today…

I can never get those ten minutes back.


I’ve always had an issue with people feeling almost too comfortable with me. I’m not sure why.

This happened when I was a Physical Therapist:

“Mr. Kenney, why is it that Beth tells me you always say you’re feeling great when you talk to her, but when I ask how you’re doing you always say you’re in pain and feel awful?”

“Well, She’s such a cute little thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings!”

It’s always been that way.


Do you suppose that people of every century felt like  society was going to hell in a handbasket? The world-wide rise of anti-intellectuallism has me worried. We are headed for deep shit, and I suspect most wouldn’t even know a handbasket if given one.


Me to man screaming on corner at 7 AM this morning: ” So what’s up? You okay?”

” Yeah, just felt like yelling.” (He wasn’t yelling anything in particular just bellowing very loudly)

” It’s a little nerve-wracking, but if you need help…”

” Nope.”

” Can I buy you a coffee? ”

” I’m good.”

” Okay, see ya.”

“Have a good day!”

” You too!”


Is it because of the plethora of psych services offered in this town that it seems to be overrun with people in need of them? Chicken or the egg, people? Chicken or the egg?


My sister has been wanting my mother to move to assisted living. She has been talking about it for some time, as families often do with no actual movement toward the intended goal.

Two years ago my mother said she was going to elder housing to put her name on the waiting list. She never did. My sister offered to take her – no wait- my sister said she would take her but never did, which is fine, because my mother never had any intention of signing up anyway.

My stance on the whole thing is, it’s not my life and my siblings have no idea who my mother is, or that she will not be moving any time soon. There are plenty of 90 year olds who have stairs in their homes. She is totally competent, if not stubborn. I will be heartbroken, but if she dies falling down the stairs, so be it. Please don’t involve me in silly things, because if Mom is going to talk to anyone about stupid shit, its me. And I don’t need any more stupid shit.

Well I guess my sister FINALLY approached my mother with the idea because yesterday my mother said to me, ” Your sister wants me to move into elder housing. Do you have anything to do with this? I’m not moving again. I have been where I am for thirty years and the next time I move they’ll be taking me out in a box!”

” I hear they take you out on a stretcher. I mean , why transport the box right? That’s gotta be heavy.”

” Either way feet first! And don’t be such a smart ass.”



15 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS

  1. This was actually just the end of workday mood lifter I needed! A whole “handbasket” full of random thoughts here, and I wish you’d do more of these. Reminds me of the old blogging days when more folks shared what was on their mind or happening in daily life. Your conversation with your mother had to be the best! It is ultimately her choice, as she is not endangering anyone else in her decision to stay at home. My father was like that. He would not move into senior care apartments because he said they were one step from the nursing home (which they were) which was one step from the morgue. Well, he had a point, and in the end he was able to live in his own apartment until God granted his release. He never had to be in a hospital or nursing home and I am grateful for that, he would have been miserable there. I am the opposite, take me now, a no-fuss lifestyle sounds very appealing… as long as I can have Papa Bear, Wi-Fi and my cats! 🙂


    1. My father ended his life in a nursing home . i would love for her to avoid that. Thanks for your gift and support my friend….its helped more than you know! Xo i & D


  2. Love this, as usual. I about died, reading the “folding fitted sheets” part–too funny, as I pretty much just ball them up and stuff ’em in a drawer… Then the part about people feeling too comfortable with you struck me–I suspect I’ve sometimes done that with people, maybe wanting to make connections that weren’t meant to be, I don’t know…

    If you’re interested, I posted a Limerick, “Madman of Trillium”, that reminds me of your comments about the “yelling man”.

    Take care, Ivy.


    1. Apparently martha stewart has a whole schtick about the sheets. Im with you. I run into a lot of people on the street i work on….amazing really how many….ive always said i could hold a vigil meeting every Saturday morning out there before i unlock the place.


  3. Being as i’m a janitor/housekeeper person, i have no choice but to know how to fold fitted sheets. You made me laugh with that, though!

    As for your mother, she sounds like a hoot and i hope she gets to stay in her own home until the very end.


  4. This is one of my favorite types of post to both write and to read. Random thoughts sometimes say more than a well-planned essay.
    It’s a stretcher, all right. With a kind of fuzzy blanket over it. Kind of a like a slipcover.


  5. I stopped by to link your site to my post today and I read your words. Your tone is light, but the words are deep. I think the guy on the street corner screaming may have the right answer.


  6. I enjoyed this post! It’s so “real life” ….sometimes we wonder how other people cope with all the things in life and then you hear someone talk about their experiences or thoughts and it makes you feel like the world really is normal…whatever that is! I haven’t met you mother…but I already like her. 🙂 If you independent and not harming yourself or anyone…I say, stay independent.


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