The Stream of Conciousness Continues…(and it flows upstream)

brainI’m continuing with the random-thoughts posts for a bit, in hopes it loosens up this block of cement currently situated around the area of my brain responsible for prose. I found the part of my brain where I store my best guacamole recipe was also lacking yesterday. Bland. Here’s hoping that’s not going to be the upshot of this writing thing as well.


I have found in the morning I am more apt to call my dog by his formal name- Mr. Skippy. I think it makes it sound like he’s a hairdresser.


My dog goes by many names: Mr. Lickin’s. Mr. Fairbanks, Mssr. Caniche, Sir Sleeps-a-lot. Now that I see them in one place I realize he’s a pretty formal character.


Whenever my life feels like it’s dragging me along behind it, I have recurring dreams. I’ve had one since I was a child. What’s the most interesting thing about it, is that something that was so terrifying then, still packs the same punch almost fifty years later. I guess what they say in psych about early learning and hard-wiring is true.


When I’m between clients in my office, I often have this website on the screen Mpala . It’s a series of live webcams from a watering hole in Kenya. 0ee45426-e388-4874-944e-d2095b5cb355 (1)There  are many opportunities to watch wild animals… it’s very relaxing and beautiful. I highly recommend it. It has also forced me to see the parallels in my own environment. Just as pigeons are often called city chickens, Pigeons-USE

line up girls!

I was driving past an oil tanker this morning and recognized a familiar shape. If  this were one of those grad school entrance exams the question would read something like:

      Pigeons : chickens as:

  1. oil tankers : hippos
  2. white rice : lice
  3.  skeletons : short ribs


I was never one to think that closure was really all that important. I was wrong. It is imperative to peace of mind. Even the small stuff does better if there’s closure. Even if there is no way to attain it from the circumstances, it’s important to grant it to yourself. So I guess I am a proponent of the idea that at times closure may need to be non-traditional.

papersdeskI have too much non-traditional closure for my liking or ability. I find that when it’s not closed by circumstance it keeps popping open like a cupboard that has been overfilled. True?


I’m watching monkeys run around in Kenya on my computer screen. Why do you suppose coming back in human form is considered closer to nirvana? I want to come back as one of these guys.


Wow, really random this morning. Have a good day. I may add to this later as the day gets going. So far, no one is hollering outside my office window. The sun is coming in and it’s blissfully peaceful. 8:30 is on the horizon. My little prayer for the morning: Please God, let me handle it all like it has potential to remain peaceful, even when it’s not looking that way. Thanks loads.



12 thoughts on “The Stream of Conciousness Continues…(and it flows upstream)

  1. Going to see my little Prince Cobee today. I’ll text you a photo. That looming paperwork is an uncomfortable metaphor. Just want to shred it or burn it or scoop it up and let it blow away.


  2. All kinds of free-flowing thoughts today, and I am loving it! Let’s take a walk in Ivy’s stream of consciousness! Wear your boots folks, it gets deep at times! 🙂 I may just have to steal that little prayer, it fits well! Non-traditional closure, that’s a big topic to take on. I have a few of those issues in the attic that come avalanching down the attic stairs now and then and go bump in the night. I need to check out that webcam site, in my next life I want to come back as a very pampered cat. Perhaps a polydactyl one that is smart enough to use that opposable thumb for texting! :-))


  3. Amen to that! I hope it went well. I used to put on 3 hour videos of ocean waves in the background, when I used to run my computer plugged in and with a good network connection lol.

    Closure needs to happen in a way which works for you, as often as you need it.

    And Sir Skipsalot is also Mr Accountant, don’t forget 😉


  4. Love it all…and I’m pondering the Closure question; wondering how to get it, mostly–and wondering if complete closure is possible; and whether it is “normal” for the cupboard door to pop open–even after I thought closure was in the bag, so to speak… The recurring dream deal is interesting–most of my tormenting ones have stopped, thank God. And speaking of, I love your prayer at the end–I need to incorporate that one in my day, so thanks!


  5. What an interesting collection of insights. Not quite a new version of War and Peace, but loveabe in its own right.

    Blessings and Bar hugs!


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