Six Sentence Stories: LAST

tibet_map_completeThe ghosts of agonizing conversations keep haunting my dreams. How many times can we say goodbye? Apparently it’s infinite. It would be okay if I didn’t know the outcome. The reenactment is consistently polluted by reality. Even while she relives the past, ‘dream-state-me’ knows what actually happens, and I hate her for it.


  • six sentences, no more, no lessunnamed (11)
  • use this weeks cue (LAST) 
  • any genre
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  • have fun


10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: LAST

  1. isn’t that one of the classic definitions of a ‘ghost’? or, perhaps more usefully precise, the explanation of the plight of those that would be ghosts… to find a way to resolve what, for myriad reasons, resists resolution. It sounds like you are making progress, albeit slow, to helping her accept what is.


  2. I liked this story for it’s brutal honesty. It makes me sad though, because it’s like having your hopes dashed every time it replays, and that hurts! I know that you will find a way to end the replays and close this chapter of your story with love.


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