It had to be done. I just couldn’t take it any more. I had to put an end to it. I no longer have to  worry that a neighbor will catch me opening the mailbox.  That an innocent dog walker will have to  witness my humiliation as I pull out another letter. It’s finally over. We can all rest and put this behind us.  I no longer have to feel the pains of guilt and foolishness each time I pass the Christmas decorations attached to our mailbox.

I unnamed (5)mean, my God, it’s April 15th. Both Valentine’s Day and Easter have passed and we still had a pine bough with a ginormous, flaming, red bow wired onto our mail box! In our defense, it did drop about six inches of snow just two weeks ago.

What happened was that we just had so much to do around the house. All of us work more than one job, and it just got away from us. We did manage to put away all the other decor. We took the lights off the roof of the barn. We even made sure all the chickens changed out of their holiday sweaters.

hen-sweater-300x270But that damn mailbox stared at me day after day. I would pull up in my car, and reach in hoping no one was looking to see who the losers are that still have Christmas in their midst. What’s more is, I took it down tonight. No, not today. Tonight. It was about 9:00 when I got in from dinner with a friend. I went to the tool shed. Grabbed some branch cutters, wire cutters, and a flashlight, and went to work under cover of darkness. I didn’t want to feel the judgemental stares of neighbors, turning to their spouses with a sigh and saying ” It’s about time.”

Next week I’m gonna take down the tree-just kidding. It’s all over… whew!

I am also grateful for a few other things, but I’m holding it tight to the vest this week. One thing though is I am grateful for Doug. He is old, and becoming more frail, but he’s still Doug, and I do so love his furry little butt. SO how about a 2-10 Dougie montage?

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33 thoughts on “TToT

  1. Love the video of that dog. Wait, is that YOUR DOG??? You have a DOG??? heheheh I’m funny to me Weeniebutt so whatevs. Also golf clap for taking your Christmas cheer off the mailbox in the middle of the night, like the neighbors aren’t still saying “it’s about time.” 😉


      1. golf clap
        a round of deliberately quiet applause, considered appropriate during a golf tournament but often uncomplimentary in other venues.
        “it’s not that they deserved a standing ovation, but the golf clap was just plain insensitive”


  2. This is so me that I had to laugh. I can postpone doing something obvious like this indefinitely, then cringe at the thought of what people must think/say. Until a few weeks ago I still had a Christmas wreath on the wall, complete with the decorations you sent me, and now there is a Happy Easter piece of folk art on the wall that will be lucky to disappear before the 100 degree days of our West Texas summer… because the colors go nicely with my wall, and I like Easter… and mostly because I am unmotivated to get it put away. I suspect I am going to be a total mess by 70! ;-). I absolutely adore #2-10, I think my very favorite is the one of him taken from the back gazing out over his domain. Lucky pup to have a yard like that to run in! Nice to see you up and running here. XOXO


    1. Thank you! Thats my fav of Doug too. What you cant see is that hes watching all of the chickens that have roosted on the plow in the distance. Hes really just contemplating running after them which he did shortly after that photo was taken.


  3. You know, there is something to be said for going from Christmas right into spring. It means we could all skip winter. I like it. Next year I might just leave my wreath on the door until spring. I think you might be on to something. Love to Doug, sweet pup.


  4. A chicken in a sweater. There is something you don’t see everyday.
    Glad you got your Christmas decorations put away for the year ….or you know, the next 7 or 8 months!


  5. This is precisely why we don’t put outdoor decorations on the house. Who knows when they’d ever get taken down. We have had a Christmas door mat by the front door for 3 years now. All year long. There is a decorative Christmas throw pillow currently on my couch. I have no idea why, seeing as how I never took one out of the basement at Christmas this year.
    Glad you managed to cross one more thing off the to-do list.:)


  6. Oh man…well…if it makes you feel better, our neighbour across the street still has their lights hung on their house and they turn them on every once in a while. My other neighbour the lives behind me also installed a bazillion solar lights over the course of a few days. I think she’s going with the airport landing strip look. I’m pretty sure that planes will be landing in my backyard tonight. I mean Vegas has nothing on her light show. Her whole yard is a blinking nightmare.
    Her name is Vicki if you want to send hate mail.


  7. Oh, well. I always say, it’ll be Christmas again before we know it, but I suppose we don’t like to think that sort of thought, just as we’re getting spring weather to stick around.
    People should mind their own business, but I guess most people can’t help wondering about those they live next to.
    I keep white lights up all year round actually. Took the red, as much as I love that colour, down long time ago.
    It’s like my thought sometimes, when I am feeling not so up to making my bed…why bother if I’m just going to sleep in it tonight again and mess it all up once more?
    Yay for Doug.


  8. I just love that you did the stealth method of taking down the Christmas decorations. That’s awesome. As is a Doug montage. Great pics, really. I love the one where he is looking over the very green yard toward the carriage.
    Hope whatever you’re holding close is something good and wonderful.


  9. I love Doug!
    Hey, you think you’re bad?! There is a house in the neighborhood with “christmas” type trees in the front yard. 3 of them. All three have colored lights still (yes, I wrote “still”) wrapped around them and at night, they are lit. Along with the lights on the house. Shall I give them your number? (*wink, wink*)


  10. That is one good thing about not decorating for holidays, we never have to worry about putting decorations away! Glad you got that off your plate 🙂


  11. Hehehehe I HATE when a job, even a relatively simple one, becomes so big in your mind that it becomes overwhelming and remains undone, and getting bigger all the time. I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve done that with! Well done you for getting it done 🙂


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