I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write. I have to say I’m more than a bit jealous of people like David, who has such a glut of ideas he claims not to have enough time to put them to paper (electronic or traditional). I often feel like he’s inferring it should be this way for me as well. What he doesn’t take into consideration when saying this, is that I am not an idea person. You know what I mean? Some people have all the ideas, and others are the grunts that get stuff done. SNORK! GRUNT!

downloadSo what do I do? Well, I do what anyone in this day and age does. The synonymous function of “look it up,” I Google it! And of course, got what I already know about finding ideas in your environs and using cues etc. Is it a sign of my stubbornness or how stuck I am that I find all of that useless? If it’s the former, you can tell me….no wait…don’t… well, maybe, maybe, tell me, well I don’t know, yes….Could it be I’m just indecisive?


On Mondays I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and get a coffee for my friend Rita, and a tea for myself. I have two cup holders so I don’t waste one of those cardboard carrier thingies. This morning I put the coffee into the cup holder to the outside of my steering wheel and as I took a corner it turned over in my lap. Luckily I have a stupid tolerance for pain and surprise, and had time to think “It could be worse, but I should grab that.” It’s times like that, when I know I have learned something about patience and tolerance over the years. In the past I would have driven straight into oncoming traffic out of sheer frustration and pissed-offedness (like that word?). Luckily I keep a pair of spare pants in my trunk. Girls without colons do that. Yeah, I know, TMI, but I can’t protect you from everything… Actually I haven’t had to carry those spares for several years now, and I was surprised they weren’t too tight. GO me! No, no , DON’T GO me… YEAH me! Undecided? Yep, that might be it.


My dog is so bald he now needs a blanket at night. He insists on sleeping on me. I’m sweating and he’s shivering. I’m still more pink than he is. Why is he so cold?


I’m sitting at work and typing this realizing as texts come into my phone, that I may be the only person in today. It is Patriot’s Day which I forgot AND the first day of school vacation. Hopefully that only pertains to staff and won’t include clients not coming in. A whole mess of staff are on vacation this week.


I hope I am not able to look back on my life some day and realize I didn’t come into my own until I was really, really old. That would suck. Moral of this story? Don’t look back cuz the past sneaks up like you’re a cheap strumpet wearing stilettos in a slasher movie.


ok, well, my first client should be in soon so I will see you later! Have a good day, and if you think ya have something fun to write, that you don’t wanna write yourself, let me know!


10 thoughts on “IT’S A RANDOM KINDA MONDAY

  1. Your random posts are awesome, there is something for everyone there! If I responded to all of it I would be doing a post here! 😉 I am probably more like David and always have things I’d like to write about, but that doesn’t mean it always happens because mood and motivation play into inspiration too. I know your mind plays with fascinating things, so I’m guessing the stuck part is in connecting to your muse when you have so much on your plate to deal with.

    I would be the first to admit that I didn’t come into my own until past 50, in fact I’m probably not there yet, bet I’m closer. I do look back and note a lot of time wasted while I was stuck in the mud at various points, and I’m sad about that, but if anything it has taught me the urgency of living in the now, being who I want to be now, because I probably don’t have 25 more years to get around to it!

    I am so glad you had spare pants and weren’t severely burned with the hot coffee this morning, I know someone who had that happen and ended up with skin grafts!
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal


  2. No coffee on the planet is hotter than Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. OUCH! I like your random posts. And yeah the past metaphor – cheap strumpet in stilettos. I often wonder the same – when am I going to have it together. I am really old. LOL It’s like we’re having coffee or tea each day, and we’re sharing thoughts.


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