Randomness Is Taking Off Like a Tuesday

SO it’s Tuesday, the sophomore of the week. I had a long (good) conversation with a friend last night. There are times I wonder if what I do for a living, isn’t just some strange rehearsal for real life. I’m a psychotherapist. I basically listen for a living. I reflect. I am a paid voyeur. I highly recommend it as both a client and clinician. It’s a real luxury to give your issues to a stranger who isn’t invested in the outcome. They aren’t gonna try to snow you for some reason you aren’t aware of, and they may have some useful advice.

26CONS-tmagArticleI think where people misinterpret what therapy is about, is in thinking that talking to that stranger for an hour a week is going to be the only thing they need to do to change their lives. It’s only an hour a week! I find people get confused with being able to vent. They hear themselves venting frequently enough, they start to fool themselves into thinking they are doing something about the problem, and really they’re just talking about it. You have to go out and change!


Yesterday I started writing a bit of a story. So today I continue with it, and the random stuff cuz I don’t want to break any jou jou created by this practice. I’m not nuts for the story, but at least I’m writing something besides clinical notes and how I feel about folding fitted sheets.

To be honest. My notes are a bit behind.


Ok, I have to go get ready for work. I will continue this later I guess.


Tuesday has taken off like a…. a…. an…. huh…. well it’s taken off as Tuesday’s typically do around here. So I am just going to hit Publish and be done with it.


9 thoughts on “Randomness Is Taking Off Like a Tuesday

  1. This is important information for our lives! I am so very good at venting, not so good at making changes that I know are needed. I once had a boss who welcomed staff complaints, but requires the complainant to also be prepared with a suggestion on how to remedy the situation. I thought it was great because it required thinking beyond the “I’m not happy with this” stage to the “how can we fix this” stage. As with everything, it begins with one little step. Why is that often so hard to do?
    I am eager to learn more about your story! :-))
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal


  2. totally agree (about Tuesday being the 3rd child of the days of the week)
    yeah, but you (get to) witness different realities and worlds and such… got to be a fascinating process


  3. Tuesday takes off like a strumpet in running shoes? I always like to listen to others’ perceptions of their lives and problems. As a friend. And you get paid for it. Pretty cool. Congrats on the story and the jou-jou.


  4. Ahh, so now I’m clear about what you do–psychotherapy. I had to sort of chuckle at the beginning, as I wasted tons of hours in professional offices doing magical thinking: that after enough “hours” I’d be “fixed”, presto-change-o. I didn’t understand the part about having to decide to change…etc. And at some later point, having made some changes, I now need to go a little easier on myself–I might wish for perfection/saintliness, but some things are just not gonna change, and acceptance would be a good healthy option. On the subject of folded fitted sheets–which still cracks me up as I do major eye-rolling–I saw another mention of it somewhere yesterday, but refused to read about it 🙂


    1. No do not aim for saintliness when the best ANY of us can hope for is neurotic… I truly believe it is a normal baseline for a society such as it is…take fitted sheets for instance!?


      1. Oh, you have made my day!!!! Seriously, what a wonderful quote: “the best any of us can hope for is neurotic”–if I were into tattoos, that would be emblazoned somewhere on my old flab! Since that’s never gonna happen–would it be okay with you if I put it in a text widget on the blog–with your name?? Pretty please?


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