Even on My Day Off I’m The First One In


I’m sitting at my desk attempting to put out another random post. I am using the blog as a reward system for doing a certain number of notes at a whack!

Conversation with my friend Rita:

Rita: You got me a coffee! And you didn’t even pour it in your lap today!

Me: Cripe, Rita! Give me some credit! I got a carrier! I went to college!


It strikes me that being per diem, my job is such that it is not far off of the old-time piecemeal workers in the factories. I am just paid by the  head.


I am addicted to wild animal cam sites. This one has an African watering hole with all kinds of large and small animals. At the bottom of the page are other ones to click on… I highly recommend the long-eared owl and the hummingbird one (there are two of these …one is lousy the other is great!)http://explore.org/live-cams/player/african-watering-hole-animal-camera


So many people ascribe meaning to dreams, as do I on occasion, but sometimes I think they are just pure malarkey. I mean what kind of obscure message am I to take from my father’s sister eating a turkey sandwich? Yeah, see? That was the whole dream.


While doing notes today I am lamenting that I don’t really have any bizarre codes to use. Those readers with any connection to the medical/insurance profession will know what I’m talking about. No matter how distant your relationship is to the system, you will have been touched by ICD-10. It is a coding system for diagnosis to use when you’re looking for insurance coverage of your services.  Last year it was increased from ICD-9 which had about 13,000 codes to ICD-10 that now has in one year’s time gone up to 68,000 codes. Why you may ask? Well, I guess it’s because they need to cover every possibility… and I mean EVERY possibility….

code V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter. This means you survived the first time, and got sucked in again?!

White-Duck_Facing_FrontW61.62XD: Struck by duck, subsequent encounter. Again. Too stupid to avoid stupid.

W55.41XA: Bitten by pig, initial encounter. It doesn’t even rhyme. No duck. No insurance coverage.

W220.2XD: Walked into lamppost, subsequent encounter. My thought is if this is the second occurence, there is a larger problem at work here.

Y93.D: V91.07XD: Burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter. My personal favorite next to Struck by an Orca (yup, its a real code.)


I may add after the next batch of notes, or I may just get the Hell outta here.



9 thoughts on “Even on My Day Off I’m The First One In

  1. Ah, yes. Beautiful wild animal cam sites, complete with codes. What could be better?

    But do they have a code for “recovering from being shot by angry husband whose wife’s affections pt [patient] had stolen”? They don’t? How can I possibly work with about half of my clients? Life continues to be challenging. I can see it all now.

    I’m looking at the pictures of Douglas in your sidebar. In the upper left of the collection I think we’re seeing the backside of a very focused dog. Is there perhaps a Bear down at the end of the yard?

    I do hope you are feeling at least a bit better.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to both of you!


    1. I’m sure we could find a code to fit your needs.
      Douglas was looking at the chickens that were roosting on the plow in the distance
      I am feeling lots better thanks…last round of antibiotics worked I think!


      1. I guess they do because someone, somewhere, is going to have an esoteric job which would otherwise remain UNCOVERED! (why they can’t just put a loophole code in, like they do in contracts “and all other weird, bizarre, pretty well self-inflicted, occupation or hobby-related injuries, NOT COVERED. FU-101”


  2. like your dream interpretation item… like a fun-house mirror that you can carry around and feel comfortable asking near-total strangers to tell you what you look like! lol
    personally I’m with Perls (yeah, I’m sure his Estate will be relieved to read that)…. that as to dreams, since it’s my dream then I’m everyone/everything in it… just gotta ask (for the real meaning of the bicycle in the tree)


  3. I am always first to work by at least 15-20 minutes every day too, I like time to get my head together before they rest arrive and start with the incessant chatter and the damn phones begin ringing! I love critter webcams, fascinating real-life look! LOL at those codes, I’ve heard a bit about that, I mean really, do the code-generating people have nothing better to do? Must we really have a code for every possible imaginable contingency? That sounds like job security to me!! I think I’d like to try extra hard to develop a problem that isn’t in the codes. That would be fun!! (If at first we don’t succeed, try, try again! :-))


    1. I really need time to organize my day so it is often the reason to come in early. ALso its about the fact that I dont finish my paperwork in the evenings cuz Im just more alert in the A.M.


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