Let’s Hear It For Disgust!

I am thankful for disgust.

I no longer have pneumonia. Luckily it was “walking pneumonia” so I could remain upright and at times functional. Where does disgust come in? I have spent six weeks with questionable housekeeping skills, (the bathroom doesn’t count because I HAVE to keep that clean or disgust gets upgraded to nauseas and heaving.)

Yesterday I came home from work and actually cleaned (not just ran a vacuum or pretended not to see the dirt) the house! IT’S CLEAN! CLEAN I TELL YOU! That’s worth ten to me so I am gonna move on with the necessary dance to appease the seven virgins of the BOSR/SBOR.



The cue for six sentence stories? unnamed (11) It comes to us in honor of the A to Z and Val  … this weeks cue is “ex.”

You know the game: six sentences, no more, no less, any genre, use the cue, link in on Thursday.

See you there!

Oh hey, before I forget: PicsArt_1409738689638 (2) I’m forever grateful for Doug.


15 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Disgust!

  1. Cleaning’s a good way to transition back into health. I HATE spending the time cleaning because it always gets messy again. Seems like thankless work to me. But it does feel good when its done. Great video.


  2. A clean house is so good for the soul, it makes you feel 10 times better and happier! Now if I could just manage that with mine! ;-/. I am thankful for you that the pneumonia is gone, gone, gone! Val chose a great “ex” word for this week’s 6SS, I’m pretty sure I can work with that, Lord knows I have a collection of those! ;-). Blessings in the coming week to you and Douglas! XOXO


  3. Oh dear, “ex” is an obvious and nausea-inducing cue for me–I’ll have to think up something to counteract the effects! Now, I’m compelled to tell you that a week or so ago (it’s a blur), having been paralyzed by mental/emotional storms for days, I rallied to clean house prior to the onslaught of record-breaking heat…I actually moved/rearranged furniture to vacuum! I was crippled up afterwards, and there’s always more to do (hands and knees scrubbing floors)–but it’s a start 🙂 So, Bravo to you, Ivy–we’re upright in clean abodes!


  4. I understand exactly where you’re coming from with the cleaning thing. I’ve been chipping away at all the things I’ve let fall by the wayside these last few weeks. It’s a good feeling. Monumental, it seems, but good.
    Awesome video.
    Did I ever tell you I had walking pneumonia when we got married? It was awful. Really glad you are feeling better. Miss you a lot!


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