Let’s See What Random Does With 15 Minutes

I am so behind with paperwork that I only have 15 minutes for this today as my day is upon me by then and I have spent the morning trying (not totally successfully) to catch up.

So from the Desk of Ivy Walker…. Did you know that name came from this? I tend to get regular transfusions and being a restless soul walk around a lot…. One of the nurses suggested that should be my name…. I.V. Walker.

4c2cc8e2-76db-4d34-aad1-9c722c3c5753   Yesterday I went to help my mother with some stuff in her home. For some reason she has alerted my siblings that everything in her house is mine (when she goes) . While I am executor to her paltry will, I am not requiring a fee of stuff to do so and don’t understand this decree. She said she told my sibs and ended it with ” …and you know why.” Not being modest here. Nope , I don’t know why, but I can only let her go on so long when she starts on the ” I won’t be around forever” talks .

So many people are dealing with such hard stuff lately. I’m glad I’ve  gotten back to prayer. I often think if I were dealing with some of that stuff in my life, I would be a basket case. I am often amazed by what people tolerate and that they aren’t blithering idiots doing so…. woohoo! denial!

My time is running out until my first client so I’m gonna leave you with a random photo montage. I hope to gain some material today or at least write on the short story later.

10 seconds after publish: Woohoo! Right on time! Have a great day! I and D


7 thoughts on “Let’s See What Random Does With 15 Minutes

  1. Prayer… yes! I wouldn’t make it thru a single week without it, sometimes even a single day. In the past I’ve lived in the absence of light and it’s a pretty scary place to be. One of the best things we can do is to pray for each other, it helps so much to know that others are praying for us too, because sometimes the struggles we all face can be very overwhelming and heavy to bear.

    I love your photo montage… the glorious bright lily, the tiny bird on the shopping cart, the dandelion for good wishes, and of course our beloved Douglas, he brings so many smiles to our lives! 🙂
    Josie Two Shoes
    from Josie’s Journal


  2. Denial is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. Your photo montage, as well as the history of your name photo, speak volumes about inspiration, love, and peace. And prayers, always.


  3. If it weren’t for prayer, I would have lost my mind a long time ago! It always helps me. I also find sleep strangely helpful when things are not going well. Not sure if it’s for escape or rejuvenation…perhaps a little of both.
    I love your photos – especially the flowers and trees. They speak loudly to me right now. Strange, considering that stuff is making me miserable of late, but still beautiful and soothing in a different way.


  4. Good for you Ivy for using your 15 minutes to write a post. You are an inspiration 🙂
    I so enjoy your photo montages. And I love to see Doug reading 😀
    I can’t imagine life without prayer.


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