Random, Random, Random

This is my most recent favorite photo:e92113b8-88fb-4dc4-bc3d-a878fc6d32e7

13124951_10205482582295593_8643951398795639323_n This is my next one.


This morning I did something I rarely do. I forgot that I had an eight o’clock appointment. Luckily  I am so behind in paperwork that I got to work for seven, so that when my client showed up I could totally pretend like I knew what the hell he was there for.


Last night my brother called and was asking  about the fact that I have been approached quite often and regularly in my life by psychics. I mentioned to him that over this past year I have been struggling somewhat more to remain connected spiritually, often feeling burnt out, kind of surviving instead of living, and that it was perhaps  because of this that I have gone the longest period of time without anyone approaching me and saying how bright my aura was. They would always add that there was one that was grey in contrast to the others (often specifying my health aura.) Until John called and asked about it last night, I didn’t think I would ever miss being approached. And I don’t think I do miss them because to be honest it freaked me out and I don’t know if I even believe in such things. I guess it does make me wonder if somehow I’ve become less open or approachable during this time that I have been struggling. Not surprising if so, but I still don’t like that.


d73ef613-1237-49e8-9b68-e9b8c15bdcc2I think my dog is a Houdini incarnate. This morning I went into my bedroom for a moment. Being demented, and quite old and a mama’s boy, Doug doesn’t like being in the living room alone. As it was a cool morning, and he is often cold due to hair loss, he was wearing a sweater when I left him five seconds before the photo on the left was taken in the bedroom.




7b48f73d-86ec-425a-9fb9-3bc11a9434afThe other day I told my vet that I wanted a lamb. She suggested that I already have one.


Why is it that the more you’re behind in what you have to do, the less apt you are to do it?


I had to call the office of jury commissioner today. I get SO frustrated with recordings.One of the topics under Frequently Asked Questions was “What if I’m prejudiced and I think everyone of color is guilty?” My thought is if you think “everyone of color” is guilty then you’re not using the term “everyone of color.”


OK. I have a cancellation and must stop procrastinating. Off I go… Have a good remainder of the day.



3 thoughts on “Random, Random, Random

  1. I’ve always hoped hoped hoped psychics are real but the time that I went, she totally tried to get me to pay thousands of $$ to clean up my dirty chakras so nope. Aw you have a lamb!!!


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