Whew! Random Thinking is Back.

What have you done without a random thought post in over a week? I mean , c’mon…my inner narcissist is screaming for self-indulgence.

I realized I have tried a few times (very few) to write on my short story re Myrna and her shoes, but haven’t. The random posts seemed to trigger my ability to sit and write so I guess I have to do something if I’m ever gonna finish that piece.

8fb7b225-cabd-430f-8166-ac0eb666b056I  figure if my dog wakes me any more frequently in the night, or any earlier in the morning, the two moments will eventually meet and I won’t have to waste time sleeping. I don’t think I have to  worry about it effecting his sleeping though.

The shingles are back. I have now officially had shingles a grand total of five times in my life. Four have been in the past ten months. Pretty soon I won’t have to go to therapy to figure out my stress, it will just purge itself through my skin. Luckily I don’t get much in terms of skin breakout just the other symptoms… pain sucks… but oozing, pustulant sores suck more… I will deal with pain any day.

Stress is an odd thing. Even good stress can make life rough for a while. Why have the same coping mechanism for the good and the bad? NO SENSE! No wonder so many people don’t know how to get their needs met without negative reinforcement. It’s an internal system.

Doug knows no decency. He really needs to stop snoring right now because he is the reason I was up at 4am .

Tuesdays are generally my most difficult work day of the week. I have been trying hard to change it. This week was my last Tuesday with that schedule.

I am addicted to live animal cams. It used to be a fascination with wild animals in kenya and eagles in D.C. I still check them out, but there is this litter of puppies in MD and the LA kitty rescue cam that have captured my heart. Well they’ve definitely captured my desire to procrastinate on paperwork with a visual distraction.

859b6be7-a89f-4706-86a0-b89255161f37I am trying to put together an art therapy group. I am enjoying experimentation with different art projects. I would find it more relaxing if I didn’t have to find time to do it. Art should always be something you want to do, never have to do.

My new computer is quite possibly the biggest pain in my butt right now. I HATE this thing. It is sooooo slow, it converts every jpeg to a jpen and I can’t download those, it’s electronic mouse is an insensitive prick and I have resorted to a wireless mouse… I have to get it back to tech support next week (when I have time) and get help to figure it out!

It’s going on 6am so I better get moving. I need to hit the shower and the grocery store in that order. Then it’s off to work. I believe I am finally done telling clients that I am moving to part-time in the group practice. That means I am ending with more than 20 people. It’s been a time limited, emotionally draining, couple of weeks. Saturday will be the last day of the process. I am looking forward to it. Until then I am off to  get ready. Have a great day.

I and S IMG_20160413_211011





15 thoughts on “Whew! Random Thinking is Back.

  1. I’m sorry you are having problems with the shingles….so many episodes, I didn’t know that was possible. They are a real problem and very painful. I have had the shot, however, I still got the shingles, but minor compared to others. It has been over a year, and I still have pain off and on, which I think is weird! I’m always afraid they are coming back. Computer problems in itself is enough to cause a person to have shingles! It is so frustrating when you have so many things you want to accomplish and the computer slows you down. Hope your day goes well. 🙂


  2. Hope the shingles are gone quickly, and i love your random thoughts. It reminds me of me on a sleepless night. Oh, and i hope Doug lets you get some sleep soon, too.


  3. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about the shingles, Ivy. I got the vaccine shot, so am hoping I never experience it–it sounds hideous, on the order of Job’s issues…. So I’ll step up my prayers for you on that account. Interesting words about stress–I, too, noticed that “good” stress has the same effect as bad, on me: I don’t like it! Well, maybe this will cheer you: I was dreaming about you last night (no idea what prompted it)–we were discussing how you might take me on as a client, with a limited fee and location issues… aarrgghh! Love to you and the “snorer”, Stella (can’t wait for tomorrow–6SS!)


  4. Bloody ratbagging shingles! I hope they’re gone for you SOON! And to the good/bad stress having the same response? BOOOO!

    Lovely to hear from you though, and all the things which ARE going well, and DO work out 🙂 Here’s to Saturday and onwards from then 🙂


  5. Looking at that picture of Doug, I think he could easily sleep 24/7 — waking up to eat and bark at the Bears in the back, back yard. Yup; pretty darned relaxed. Now, if you can teach him not to snore, things will be great.
    Sorry to hear of your shingles, Ivy. That is NOT fun! Yuck! Hope that mess clears up, soon.
    Art therapy group, you say. Wonderful! Just the thing I need. Can I join up at a distance?
    Blessings and Bear hugs, m’lady


      1. Strange, you know; I had a restless night. Perhaps I felt Douglas chasing me in my dreams. Weird, or what? Strange how animals dream.
        It’s a new day, after several of days rain (off and on). Its going to be cold — close to freezing throughout the day. I’m going to have to dig out my winer woolies again. Strange, for a Bear.
        Blessings and Bear hugs!


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