Cinnamon Montgomery*

” Hey,  do you remember that game where you figure out your stripper name?”

” No, never did that one; how’s  it work?”

” Your first name is the name of your very first pet, and your last name would be the name of the first street you ever lived on.”

” Wow, really? Mine sounds more like one of those guys with an open to the waist, polyester-print shirt and a porn mustache. I don’t think I would ever use Floyd Elting as a stage name even if I was trying to hide behind it.”unnamed (11)


*This was the stripper name of the friend who taught me the game.

26 thoughts on “Cinnamon Montgomery*

    1. Then you can have my next pet and street….meet…..drum roll please….Lady Pearl . she was a very bitchy Pekingese…. And Pearl st was a lovely tree shaded dead end. We were the last house.


  1. speaking on behalf of the citizens (or what that more properly be denizens) of Y Chromia, allow me to say, ‘Cinnamon Montgomery’ is an excellent stripper name.*

    * and, in the way of my people, I will assert that we’d pick that name out from the game-generated stripper names, in a heartbeat (see? right there, the visual is proof of the properness of her name)


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  2. My first pet was a feral cat, that use to hiss at us when we came near it. So being 5 I named him Spit. So that makes me Spit Lenox. I probably won’t be getting many tips with that name.

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