Earlier this week friends said I should check out blackout poetry. I decided to give it a try.



Notorious sinner

Unabashedly, hopelessly flawed


A rowdy GodIMG_20160519_063427



20 thoughts on “Wanted:

    1. Home in Clark, this is for you. You would definitely be able to do this poetry. And I don’t know why you don’t think you cannot do it anyway you Wax and Wane quite poetically at times


  1. Aha! Look at you!!! This is a stellar black out poem, Ivy (I’m jumping up and down, raving!). I can’t do these because they seem to require more tech-savvy aptitude than I’ve got…if you know an easy trick, please advise me!! I just love this so much–especially the “rowdy God”; for truly, the One I know has that facet–probably included in His “radical Grace”. Well done, Bravo! xxoo, Stella (and Frank)


      1. Yeah but…you still have to scan or something to get it on your computer, and onto your blog–don’t you? Maybe you could send Doug next door to help me 🙂


      2. I take a photo on my phone and email it to myself. Then I open it in my email on the computer and save it. Then the blog has a thing for entering pictures and I just click on that and follow those directions.


  2. I reserve my judgement! However are the words more or less understood with the black background (I think not). Perhaps it is my old eyes at fault. Your words however are incisive and I even checked the others!


    1. The ones I did hear were my very first ones so the parents have nothing to do with anything. I have tried some though with the patterns and black reflecting the words. I don’t know that those are any better I just know they’re fun to do


  3. Like valj2750, I had to read up on the topic. Sounds fascinating, but takes a lot of concentration.
    And are you really search in for a rowdy God, or a rowdy Dog? I suspect God can be rowdy at times if that’s what you need. I think Doug is a bit old to be a rowdy Dog, but one ever quite knows.
    Blessings and Bear hugs, anyhow!


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