TToT With Just a Touch of Hypograt For Good Measure

4aa0de9cd8a928a6908a8fea28cbfea3Blood! My kingdom for a pint of blood!

After my infusion schedule got changed yesterday, I realized that many a day goes by that I am NOT grateful to be here another day. I would like to say here and now I am going to stop that, but I know better. In the interest of honesty and not becoming a chronic liar, today… exhausted, sick, having progressive problems of late, I am grateful… today. Yesterday not so much… but that was then, this is now.


Today truly is a day for celebration as it is my first Saturday off in a very long time… you know as a scheduled thing. I’m sure I’ve been out on a Saturday or two in the past six years, but my schedule now accommodates Saturdays off. I just have to accommodate one small K9 alarm clock to the new schedule, as 5:30am is surely not necessary on a day for which one has little to be on time.

Speaking of the K9. Did you know I have a dog?

Enigma that I am (ahem), I am certain you could have missed it. But SURPRISE! I do have a doggy. His name among other things is Douglas. I am forever grateful for him and his relative health at the ripe age of 16. He is quite appropriately demented but otherwise a healthy guy. He has some trouble seeing in the sunshine. He is totally blind when in bright lights. Luckily and THANKFULLY we live in a time of utter indulgence in which a doting animal lover may purchase something to assist the likes of poor Douglas. Stay tuned.

I am also grateful for distraction during this physically trying time. Blackout poetry has been keeping me occupied.IMG_20160519_063118859 as have making cookies that I would show you but my ridiculous computer still hasn’t made the TToT list of gratitude…

finally walked back to the chickens
rooster and daisy dillon

Speaking of which I am gonna go to the computer place and see if they can help me out… but let me say I am grateful that Daisy Dillon is okay as our rooster met up with a fox this week. They hung out together a lot…

okay…. so that’s not ten, but it is enough per the virgins who recognize I am not in best dance condition and are ok if I leave you with my favorite meme in the abscence of a dance number to make up for using rule 8.9 subsection p that says ” cuz I said so.”  Hey, have a great weekend. Talk soon. 476aa7483b4dca4e08822888d1c860a6

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13 thoughts on “TToT With Just a Touch of Hypograt For Good Measure

  1. Many parents might say of their 16-year-old children that they are “quite appropriately demented.” But who am I to judge?
    Sorry your treatment schedule got messed. That will, I suspect, mess up other scheduling items in turn. ARRRRRGH.
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


  2. I think I would honestly worry more if you told us that every single day you wake up overjoyed to be alive. Yes, I know we should be, and we try to be, and usually we are, but there is still the reality checks of stuff that must be dealt with and sometimes it’s just a struggle and we grow weary. I think God is ok with us having those days too, because He knows that underneath the funk we are still so very grateful for all we do have that is meaningful and good. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday celebration of Freedom, it is my very favorite day of the week always! Xoxo, Josie


  3. Yes I chuckled than chortled out loud – it sucks being a vampire. Doug is a continued source of happiness for you and he looks spry in the photo. I’m sure he’s kissing someone. The Batman meme is cute and I think we could learn something about how we see ourselves. We only have today, she says philosophically.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I salute your honesty 100%, though you know how I get to fretting about your health issues (I was nagging God about this just last night, again). And I SO LOVE the phrase “appropriately demented”–yay, I now have something to stand firm on when people look at me askance…! Not to mention, it would make a great blog title/name…oh, relax, I’m not doing that today 🙂 And I agree with Clark–I’m definitely up for a ‘seeing eye human’ 🙂 Take care, dear Ivy (and Debonair Doug)–love, Stella


  5. love the meme too funny

    our last dog was blind – he totally trusted us – that is how he got around ” seeing eye human”

    take care and hang in there


  6. I will never say that practicing the skill of gratitude is a bad thing, but I do think it’s a bad thing to expect ourselves to be always grateful. When life gives us handfuls of shit, pretending it’s a bouquet of roses won’t change what’s really in your hand.

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  7. Will Douglas be sporting doggie sunglasses soon? He would totally rock that look! 🙂
    I’m sorry that life is so hard sometimes. 😦


  8. Congrats on the Saturday thing Ivy! But don’t go thinking it’s so easy. No sir. Just when you think you can handle a weekend day off, just you wait and see that you don’t go trying to fit 80 bajillion things into that one day. Oh wait! I’m talking about me! lol
    Douglas. I’m tellling you, I haven’t seen a more photogenic canine. Blind or not 😀
    Thank goodness Daisy Dillon is still among the living. How crazy scary for her, poor thing 😦
    A most excellent meme! My smile is huge.
    P.S. I’ve been having some extra conversations with the big guy lately, I’ll put in a good word for you. Couldn’t hurt right?


  9. I can’t believe Doug is Sweet 16. Wow, Cinnamon Bunny lived to age 8 here and I thought we were doing quite well at that.
    May the next week bring peace, contentment, and all manner of things to turn the Hypo to Hyper-gratitude!


  10. That was then. This is now.
    Very wise words to remember, when life becomes tough.
    Glad you have your…what…you have a dog?
    Glad he seems to bring you peace.


  11. I love your honesty. I don’t trust people who claim to be happy all the time. 😀
    Love the Batman dog picture – that cracked me up.
    I hope that this week is finding you in an easier place. And, um, a dog? I had no idea. He looks nice. Maybe you’ll keep him?


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