Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

After I had chosen the cue of DRAW for this weeks SSS, I realized in a psychological furor, that it was perhaps a Freudian slip, as last week I was drawing blackout poetry (for all you beatniks in the crowd, you know who you are.) So this week I am doing more of the same…just be happy its short.

This is what I have done to date. Who knows if I will continue it’s just been a fun experiment and a nice way to relax for an hour after work.



In life we want change

want to stop when we’re going nowhere beyond a particular point

Getting stuck forces us to stop

More likely, to pay attention to our hunger

First giving up, and letting go

Perspective-so that we can move on

unnamed (11)

Link yours up! You know the game…six sentences, no more, no less, doesn’t have to be 1960 beatnik poetry, can be any genre you like as long as you use the cue in some fashion… just come back and link it up and hop around to a few more…


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

  1. We are so vain that we only want changes that suit us. We have a longing both for the future and also for the past but the now we feel can always be improved. Such is humankind’s dilemma; an irrational hunger!

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  2. You’re a marvel, Ivy–fabulously brilliant work, always! When we last spoke about blackout poetry, I indicated my concern that some tech expertise would be required–which you denied; I queried you as to how to get it on the blog, then (scanning?–as I can’t use a Sharpie pen on the laptop screen)–but have not heard further from you. This is okay, of course, as I don’t have much time/energy to learn new tricks ๐Ÿ™‚

    I posted link to latest 6SS–aka Frank and Stella’s Continuing Saga–on your previous post, so I guess I’d best go move it… xxoo, Stella (and Frank)


  3. No no! You use a Sharpie to draw on a page from the book that you choose to use. You circle around all the words that you chosen for your poem and color all the other space around the words. Then I took a picture of it and put it on my blog.

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  4. Oooh! Fun!!! I had never heard of such a thing before this! I am not much into writing poetry, but this could seriously be fun… I might have to try it sometime. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I love your blackout poetry, and your artwork is amazing! I agree that we must realize we are stuck in a rut in order to regroup and find the means and direction to move forward again.


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