Have you missed them?

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Probably not, but don’t worry, I don’t really care about that.

(Hush, Doug)

As some of you know, I have been playing around with blackout poetry. Here’s a video if you are wondering how to go about it yourself. Basically you just grab a page of newspaper or from a book and circle the words of your poem and blacken out the rest of the page . The vid uses paint, I used a Sharpie. You can add a drawing if you like or just black it out… either way. It doesn’t have to be fancy.


Write your own piece of blackout poetry by the contest deadline of June 14th.

  • Choose a page of print. (If you are one of those people who find book repurposing to be a sacrilege then by all means make a copy of the page.)
  • Find your poem amongst the words on the page and black out the rest

Specific rules:

  •  Your entry must tell us the book or newspaper title and page or date used to create it
  • Please include the written poem in your entry as you can see they are difficult to read in this format…
  •  Your entry should not exceed fifty words , please include word count( My therapist judges these contests. No War and Peace. I can’t afford to waste an entire session on this. I’m pretty screwed up.)
  • ***I will put up a link so you can link to your site for the entry.
  • Have fun with this!


Here are some examples of blackout poetry:

There are no points for neatness or art but I enjoy some fun art and this is about fun… so go for it any way you like. No need for anything artsy or otherwise. Go to town with a pen for all I care….

An actual entry will look something like this:

975e1906-62eb-493b-913c-f80ac1d98669The book is Messy Spirituality, by Mike Yaconelli page 128. (10 words excluding the title)

Help Wanted

uncouth, messy, notorious sinner, unabashadly flawed -seeking a rowdy God


Then link it up here!

***If you don’t know how to do a link  or if you don’t have a blog, please just leave a comment to that effect and I can help you out… don’t forgo the entry for something like that… pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee…. don’t make me beg!

13124951_10205482582295593_8643951398795639323_nI know some folks have said no need for a prize but c’mon … I like to give one and admit it… you like to get something once in a while… So winner gets a 5×7 of their choice from Richard Hoebel Photography Blog. GO check it out… it’s great and there are the sweetest baby geese on there this week.



  1. Oh Dear! You just had to throw in that awesome prize, didn’t you. Now I will at least have to try. I love your blackout poetry, big shoes to walk along side of. Hmmm. Is there a deadline?


    1. really? All you gotta do is tear out a page of print from somewhere and circle a bunch of words…YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO BLACK OUT THE REST! whats so tough!?


    1. This is great! I got your comment about having difficulty linking it up. So I checked it out and linked it . I hope you don’t mind. I think you may have used the dead link from another thing that was going on this weekend. Either way it doesn’t matter but your poem is linked up now and thanks so much for entering!


  2. This is fantastic. I love it. We saw a baby goose at the amusement park a few days ago – so freaking fuzzy! Too cute. So I am also a sucker for a contest and will endeavor to not forget to do this. Too many possible sources to choose from…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok, I jumped in and gave it a try. Hopefully I did it close enough to right to count. I can’t do that page tearing thing, so I just copy/pasted and did mine digitally. I hope that is okay.

    Have a blessed night!


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