So It’s Saturday. Huh…Who Knew?

L.o;p;oj’bl’;;hlko.nvuc  So Doug just walked across the keyboard.20130803_110304 I know there has been evidence to the contrary but Doug isn’t really all that literate.  He’s fairly sarcastic but, no opposable digits kinda cramps his typing mojo.

Doug is losing his hair at an amazing rate. He is very old and apparently such things happen to old men of all breeds. That being what it is, he has some skin issues if we don’t stay on top of it. His skin is a soft, lovely pink because he gets a bath once a week in the colder weather and twice in the summers. This week we kicked off twice a week poodle baths. Luckily, poodles are water dogs. You know that silly haircut on poodles? The shaved thing with all the puffs? That is to keep their joints warm and also make them more boyant. The tail puff on the end is sort of like an up periscope thing. Anyhow… Dougie is very much poodle and loves the water. He is a lot more active after a bath as well which is always fun.

I had a very early start today. I normally don’t have Saturdays off and am still trying to adjust to my new schedule. I still have quite a bit of paperwork to do despite days off or on. Either way, what a luxury to have a Saturday off. I was at the grocery store at 6am and off to purchase an air conditioner at 7. When I got there the air conditioners were non-existant. Another customer heard me ask the associate where the AC units were located in the store and he said that he had gotten the last one (the associate said that was true.) I am usually pretty accepting at times like that… I mean , why gripe, what can you do? I thanked him for telling me and did the oh-well shoulder shrug and turned to leave. He put the AC in my cart and insisted he had a store on his way home that he planned on stopping at anyhow and I should take his AC. WOW! AMAZING! I wanted to kiss his feet! I didn’t, but still!

Doug is also quite happy with a cooler house and seems to have settled in from the past few days of having some increased agitation which I guess may have been associated with the heat. Have you ever walked into a barn in the summer? It’s pretty humid. I live in a renovated barn, so even if you’re a balding poodle it can get oppressive. SInce it’s cooler inside, when he’s outside, he has picked up speed, and is no longer crawling around the yard like an exhausted turtle.PicsArt_05-28-04.51.34IMG_20160513_130057588







A bit more gratitude spared for the return of the green.IMG_20160527_174834751_HDR

Remember last week (probably not) when I said I had a family thing on Sunday and we made cookies but my computer wouldn’t download the photos? Here they are and one of my favorite boys and his wife… It was an all around nice time with many great-grand children and almost all the nieces and nephews… it was really nice for my mom to see everyone all in one place which doesn’t happen more than a few times a year at most. I am grateful that we are able to do things like this as much as we do which I realize is more than most families. If you’re in my inner circle you will hear me complain about having to do things like this, but this one was really nice.

20130826_115553(0)I have a few paintings from a man I chat with on occasion. He has a developmental disorder which makes the fact that he paints such amazingly lovely pictures, even more special. I have met him in my travels on some of the streets I peruse around my office. I can’t even tell you how much I treasure those paintings.  He painted another one for me and had been waiting weeks to give it to me. It’s fabulous. Again my computer is acting up but I do have my favorite in the media library of the blog so I will post it…. he painted it after meeting Doug. It’s a wolf-poodle because “…all dogs are part wolf.”

I’m grateful for some other stuff this week that’s a kind of mixed bag. I will fill you in a bit later…Have a great weekend!


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20 thoughts on “So It’s Saturday. Huh…Who Knew?

  1. Doug is adorable Ivy! He reminds me of my poodle. The painting your purchased were lovely as well, I see the value in it and why you love it. It’s inspiring to see his perspective and him doing what he loves.. I hope you have a great weekend Ivy 🙂


  2. It was so nice to come and find all kinds of reasons to smile here! What a blessing that the man in the store gave you the last AC unit! Random acts of kindness do still exist, let us never forget that! I love Doug’s playfulness after his bath, and that he is enjoying the cooler air. My four long-haired felines would agree with him that hot house summers are just no fun at all! Yes, family gatherings like that are priceless memories, you are blessed to have everyone within range to do that and that you can all get along well enough to keep it together. I am sure it totally warmed your mom’s heart to have family all around her. Those cookies are just too cute to eat… but I would have! 🙂


  3. All dogs ARE part wolf. You know how I know? Because Tucker can tame a wolf in Minecraft by feeding it bones. For realz. Also I had no clue about poodles and baths and joints. Maybe I need more baths. I think I may be part poodle. Also I love that you have a friend who painted you your poodle wolf. Except, um you have a dog?? heheehh weeniebutt.


      1. Jack has started stealing groceries from the bags when I bring them in. I’ve played keep-away with a dozen eggs and a full 2 liter bottle of diet Pepsi. …


  4. I am not! I have as much as when I was in college…. oh, you were talking to Doug.
    we must explore the issues of linkation that has, of late, arisen…. I added the ling at L’s an see others but not uncharted…. I guess I must add links at multiple places (like, talk about a 5th Dimension Problem! eyiiee!)

    resolved with link


    1. Huh…i didnt see it at your place either…i also meant to say i loved that first una pic…i wish skippy did that sometimes….maybe its the name skippy??? Too sweet?


  5. my little guy is part poodle (intelligent) and cocker spaniel (also intelligent..I think) which makes him a know-it-all, and in charge. He supervises everything – AC for our pets is needed; your guy still has a puppy face so adorable. 🙂


  6. Doug and my mother have so much in common, except she’s freezing cold all the time. But the hair thing and the rest? Yeah.
    Cookies look terrific.
    The wolf-poodle = amazing.


  7. Aw, AC kindness is the best kind, in my opinion, as I would appreciate few things more than if someone had done that for me. I don’t do well with humidity. Sun and warm are all good, but sticky air drives me to misery and a zombie-like state.
    Can’t blame the pup.
    Glad you’ve experienced such a kindness this week. Makes my day to hear stories like that, with everything you are constantly hearing going on in the world.
    Way to go, mysterious stranger.
    Have a good one. Stay cool.


  8. Drexel has been known to add to my comments before, but he usually just hits one key over and over and over again as he rests his chin on the keyboard. (If he could spell, it would say, “Did you forget it is dinnertime? Did you forget it is dinnertime? Did you forget. . . . “)

    I am so happy you have an AC unit, and kudos to that customer that gave you the last one!


  9. GAH! I just clicked away and my comment got lost, because you got me interested and I then wanted to actually RESEARCH something!

    The cookies are AWESOME, and I think I was telling you that it was so sweet of that guy to give you his AC. Having spent a week luxuriating in the heat of OKC, and very much appreciating the occasional blast of AC (not something we ever have need for in England), I can see how much you’d most definitely want one, if you hadn’t one to use.

    THIS is what I went to research, then I got laughing at the German, then…well…just glad Doug’s alright – “…most observers trace the poodle’s unique haircut to late 16th- and early 17th-century Central Europe (particularly in the region that’s now Germany) where poodles were bred for use as water retrievers. (The word “poodle” is derived from the German pudel, short for pudelhund, which means “water dog.” Pudeln in German means “splash,” and is also the root of the English word “puddle.”)

    Cynologists agree that poodles in that era had these unusual clips out of occupational necessity: An unshorn poodle’s thick coat could weigh it down in the water. With the bottom half of its body shaved, the animal was more buoyant and could swim more freely. The long mane and hair around the chest were left intact to keep the poodle’s vital organs warm in the cold water, and owners also kept the hair around the joints to protect them from cold and injury and to help prevent rheumatism.”


  10. I completely understand baths and the need for warm joints. And I definitely understand the love of air conditioning. Maybe I’ll try growing the hair around my joints and see what happens? 😀 I love Doug. Looks like he does just as fine a job of helping with blog posts as my Rottens do. Such good helpers.
    I feel like I’ve lost time this week – I don’t even know why I haven’t been on internet land or why I never finished my posts for your SSS and Kristi’s FTSF. Like seriously, WTH? But I’ve promised myself I’ll catch up well this week before I’m out for a whole week subbing the following week. Ugh. I kind of hate it.
    Right now I’m trying to finish reading TToTs, catch up with people, and get Zilla and Hub ready to go back to school and work tomorrow. This five day weekend has me ready for the summer routine, not two more weeks of school. Boo.


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