Stalled – A Six Sentence Story

IMG_20160513_130057588In the past he could sit and observe. He had felt most free outdoors, but old age had stolen that from him. He had spent previous summers basking in the sunlight of his youth,cropped-unnamed-27.jpg age now prepared him for night and a long sleep. His sense of hearing was now diminished, and his sight all but gone in daylight any brighter than a fluorescent bulb. Frustrated and fearful he stood trembling in place with the bright sunlight blinding him into confusion and passivity. No longer.

Doug got a pair of ‘Doggles’ this week… He can see outdoors again!


unnamed (11)Welcome to six sentence stories!


  • six sentences, no more, no less

  • any genre

  • use this weeks cue in any way you like… the cue is stall

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13 thoughts on “Stalled – A Six Sentence Story

  1. Doug rocks those glasses and I’m sure he feels amazed that he can be and see outside. That’s the happy part. I feel sadness thinking about Doug’s aging process, and our own.


  2. Love his new Look! If he could talk I’m sure he would be praising you for doing him such a great favor in putting on those really neat glasses that help him see the things he wants to see.


  3. This is the best feel-good story on the Internet today. Doug has always looked so happy out playing in his beautiful green yard, and to have that joy stolen from him was just too sad. I love the Doggies and I love how very dashing he looks in them, he could be a poster pin-up boy! Best of all, I love that he can see and feel happy to be out and about again. I wish that all aging problems were so simple for our beloved furkids and for us. It’s hard not to worry.


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