When Shrinks Converse

I hadn’t spoken to my friend Isabelle in sometime, so I sent her a quick text. She naturally responded by asking what was new… Always a loaded question.



13 thoughts on “When Shrinks Converse

  1. Laughing out loud and picturing the helicopter scene. Mom and three girls battle sharks in daring escape from reality.


  2. OMG, this had me laughing so hard that my furkids were looking at me like I was losing it! I tried to explain that it was just something my crazy friend wrote, but they said they doubted she was crazier than me! Well if they could read the proof is right here!! What a delightful conversation, I’m going to have to remember to reply in similar fashion the next time life gets dull. You have such an incredible imagination! Why aren’t you writing children’s books?

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    1. What you talkin bout??? Imagination??? Cmon out to the boat …skipper loves kitties! I bet they can get down the rope faster than anyone! Bring papa as well….maybe invite a couple of people you may not be as fond of…we can use em as bait!😇


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