Rule 9 subsection j

In keeping with Rule 9 subsection j of the SBOR/BOSR  , which clearly states in unarguable terms that “The user of said rule  may be in a state of confusion as to what the hell they are thankful for, despite full recognition that they have every reason to in fact BE thankful. Said ingrate may opt out of said traditional list of ten in lieu of whatever the hell they choose to put in their post and one dance to the seven guard virgins of the above stated book for the purposes of using said rule.”

Being that Doug’s new Doggles

came in the mail this week and they do in fact keep him from being totally blinded by bright sunlight or in fact anything brighter than a fluorescent bulb, and that ironically a best of- cd of Stevie Wonder also came that day unexpectedly  via a lovely friend, I will use this for the required dance number.


So if you’re not aware, there is currently a contest on but it is only on until Friday of this coming week. SO if you have any intention of entering ya gotta do it soon. Apparently in my efforts to find something not too intimidating in which people have also expressed an interest, I actually may have done the opposite. I don’t know what to tell ya… but give it a shot if you’re interested. No worries either way. HERE’S THE LINK

Well, that’s about what I have this week. I know I have tons to be grateful about, but thanks to rule 9 subsection j and any other applicable rules (place here)…I can stop here for now. I leave you with rock-star Douglas/Skips.


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31 thoughts on “Rule 9 subsection j

  1. I luuuurve Doug’s Doggles. He’s super-stylish, and I think the pics and the fact he can enjoy the sun, count as ten. Stevie Wonder is icing on the cake. Hope you’re less confused soon (my comments section sure didn’t help!)


  2. My favorite Stevie Wonder song is My Cherie Amour. I love your use of the SBOR, I may have to invoke Rule9, Subsection J, in the future. And Doug and Doggles.


  3. I love Doug’s doggles – they are just the best. They make me smile every time I see his cute little picture. What a cool ass dog!
    So that is a stellar invocation of the SBOR/BOSR for sure. And I completely LOVE that stupid car karaoke show! I really do. Off to watch. And as for that contest…I will do my best. Right now it’s confusing me. I’ll bet Sarah will do a great job with this one.


  4. I didn’t think Doug could get cuter, and then you brought out the doggles. My word, they are the bomb. I didn’t know such things existed! So glad there is someone in this world who came up with the idea, thus helping out the Dougameister.


  5. Excellent Secreting… (eww)… Secret Booking (….”me and….me and Mrs. J”….nah!!) Virginificationing? (lol… here? n way, yo)…. Rulifying (liking that)
    Concise, Precise and Inci(sive) use of everyone’s favorite SBoR/BoSR


  6. I love Stevie Wonder’s Part-time lover, Call up ring once hang up the phone . . . And Doug’s glasses look awesome. He looks like he likes it.


  7. Doggles?! Stylish and purposeful.
    That is my favorite episode of Carpool Karaoke. When Stevie calls James’ wife to sing I Just Called to Say I Love You, and James has to wipe tears from his eyes….I lose it. It is such an unguarded sweet moment.


  8. The Doggles are great! So glad you joined in the TToT, regardless of whether or not you were feeling it.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of the contest, but haven’t had a chance to really sit down to try yet. It does sound fascinating!


  9. Doug is looking pretty snazzy in his doggles. All he needs now is a helmet, a scarf to blow in the wind and someone to take him cruising in a motorcycle sidecar.


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