If you have been even remotely following…

If you have been reading anything here over the past few months you would know I have been doing some random thoughts writing, a new contest is up , and if it weren’t for TToT or SSS I probably wouldn’t even have a stinking blog.

Random it is!

Well the contest was a short one and it is ending this Friday if you want in. SO far there is a 50/50 chance of winning… good prize too.

Y’know the shrink conversation I had earlier this week? Probably not but here it is…  There was a part two which I think could fit into random writing this week. If you recall, I had encouraged my buddy Isabelle to repel out of a helicopter  and land on my ship on the Indian Ocean to pirate with Douglas and I on the high seas. She agreed!


This was the second half of that conversation (via text messaging):




For those of you in therapy, remember not all psychotherapists are this bizarre and you should go to your next appointment even if you now have doubts about the field as a whole.

I know I don’t mention him nearly enough but I wonder now that Doug has to wear doggles 3a550324-ebec-4c4c-8eae-37c5c0858d16to see in the sunlight, if people think I’m just one of those people who like to dress up their dogs… cuz I don’t like that. He has a jacket totally a utilitarian situation (he’s bald). He just happens to be adorable in it.

I’m just not the type to put my boy on display. Y’know?

Anyhow…Have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “If you have been even remotely following…

  1. I’m rather liking the 50/50 odds on the contest, he can decide it with a coin toss! 😉 Still, folks are missing out by not trying blackout poetry. It’s a different form of creativity and no one is going to snort or chortle at first attempts! Your conversations with the therapist crack me up, now we know how shrinks unwind! 🙂 Who is this costumed canine appearing in the photos above? I don’t recall ever seeing him before, or you mentioning him. Do tell us more! We should all look so hot in our sunglasses! xoxo


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