Six Sentence Stories: LONG

download (6)I was kinda cranky last night and couldn’t decide on how to write my entry this week because I had such an overwhelming plethora of situations in which I seemed to be able to apply the cue. Then I realized they were all related to time. unnamed (1)I am frustrated waiting for insurance to pay me for services rendered. 4c2cc8e2-76db-4d34-aad1-9c722c3c5753I’ve always found that any length of time to wait for medical test results is probably too long.unnamed (6) While my little dog has enjoyed a long life, it will not have been long enough on the day he decides to go. I’m sure there are positive spins on time as it relates to today’s cue word, but right now I am feeling a bit  whiney, and a little short changed.


8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: LONG

  1. Life is often frustrating this way. Loved pets never live long enough, money owed is always too long in coming, but with medical tests good results need to come quickly but those that are not can take their time!


  2. Long waits do tend to work on your nerves, especially when you are waiting to find out about the condition of our pet, or someone else that you love. I hope everything goes well, and you can let yourself relax a bit more.


  3. love* that concept of the variable of the (perceived) passage of time, particularly when involving negative outcomes.
    (I was heard an explanation of why time passes so slowly for the very young, especially when compared to how it passes for the very old, its due to the percentage of the individual’s total time on earth, to wit: for a 5 year old child waiting for Christmas six months represents, 10% of their life, so of course it would seem to pass slowly.)

    *of course, by ‘love’ I mean except when I hate it.


  4. Did you read that book The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom (I think). Interesting parable about how we look at time. Sometimes cranky and whiny are the perfect mechanisms to deal with frustrating waiting times.


  5. This is the classic life story, some things take way too long, and some good things don’t last long enough. Time always seems to be my enemy too. All the must do’s steal time from all the want to do’s, and sometimes it’s nice to spend a long leisurely day doing nothing at all, we did that today, and it was heavenly. I wish everyone could enjoy a “nothing to do” day each month. I long for that kind of freedom, I think we all do.


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