June, Contest Winners, Old Yiddish Sayings, and the TToT

“Better ten times ill, than one time dead,” is an old Yiddish saying that I’m pretty sure I could have tattooed on me and no one would object to its appropriateness for my particular situation. This month marks the 26th year of having a rare and downright weird diagnosis that changed my life and continues to challenge it regularly. I’ve seen a lot of people (family, friends and acquaintances) with the same screwy illness come and go. It hasn’t been easy, ever.  I feel fortunate because it hasn’t completely kicked my butt, and 16 years beyond my given prognosis I can still say that most days I agree with the above saying. It just comes naturally, for the majority of us anyway, to push to survive. Now living… that’s a whole different animal.

 “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” Bernard Williams                I think of June as a cocky little bastard. A lot of crap has hit the fan over the years in June. You’re just gonna have to take my word for it about that, but June… not a fan. Where’s the grats you may ask? Well I suppose that I’ve come out the other side; that I am not much of an anniversary type person so I suspect it doesn’t hit me as hard as it might to revisit this time of the year. I guess also that I’ve learned over the years to look at things through a more practical rather than the purely emotional lens through which one is often tempted to look at the rough patches.

In rereading both of those opening paragraphs I realize I’m truly grateful for not being born in the wrong time. Granted maybe this illness wouldn’t have been around in a different era but, I am grateful to live in a time when I can be treated and have had the opportunity to avail myself of enough medical expertise to pull through tough situations. That in the time I’ve had it, a reasonable treatment has been developed and was available through clinical trials. That I have a pretty cool support system that comes to my aid when I start to grow a second head and need multiple tests and treatments to avoid it becoming sentient.  Those same people have pulled me out of June’s hot sweaty grasp more than once I’m sure.

I’m sure there’s at least ten things there to be grateful about, but just in case let me add a few more:

  •  Douglas the wonder dog IMG_20160513_130057588
  • People who enter my contests… and the winner is…*drumroll* Josie over at Josie’s Journal wrote the winning entry to the black out poetry contest and gets to browse Richard Hoebel’s Photography blog for a photo print of her choice.

  • Thanks to everyone else who entered!
  • Thanks to David our judge, who seems to enjoy judging these things…either way I appreciate it!
  • Thanks to Richard for being such a good bud and also providing access to a really cool prize!
  • I’m also grateful to be going to my first Farmer’s Market of the season tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend. Ivy and Doug, zoe and skip, zelda and Heronimous, Marquesa and Julio, Avery and Henry… I could go on and on and on….

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18 thoughts on “June, Contest Winners, Old Yiddish Sayings, and the TToT

  1. FRISTTTTTTT! And as long as it’s not Thelma and Louise (cos I heard things didn’t end well for them)

    Have SUPER fun at the farmer’s market 🙂 I hope June doesn’t fling too much crap at you this time around *HUGS*


      1. Did you go? I love time at the library. I may or may not have done the whole ‘accidentally wander into a bookshop and buy books’ thing today…


      2. No. When i got bagged it was a good excuse to nurse my headache instead. Did go to library and coffee house to meet another friend later…we dont have nearly enough bookshops to wander into here…


  2. oh man!! the season opener! (can’t help it… this just appeared in my brain! I mean, I was seriously composing a halfway decent, semi-insightful comment on your post today, (with appropriate with total love of all canines reference to douglas), and even a ‘Hey! congrats to Josie!’ on her contest success!) but noo! you had to go and make a reference…wait!! wait, let me copy paste, so no one thinks I’m being weird (hold on a sec)
    I’m also grateful to be going to my first Farmer’s Market of the season tomorrow morning.
    so I ask you, who wouldn’t flash* on a baseball game, with all in attendance in silent attention watch while maybe the President or Kim Il Jong or the Produce Manager at Stop n Shop, throw out the first cabbage of the season?
    clearly, this is all your fault!

    * ‘flash’ v. coloquial 1960s partial of ‘flashback’ as to experience, spontaneously a momentary, overly vivid memory of a previous experience.


  3. Friend – kicking butt is a glorious thing. Weird illness be damned. You picked the wrong body mother fucker. That’s Canadian French for “You picked the wrong body mother fucker”
    I wish that you didn’t have to fight so much and hurt but I will tell you that of all the people on the nets, you encourage me and inspire me – you make me laugh and the fact that you can find so much positive in life….well damn. Sometimes it takes so much to just muster one single thing to find sometimes. You inspire me friend. Don’t forget that.
    And that wonder Doug. Silly beast. Mine peed in his sleep. Wonder what in the world he was dreaming of. Don’t want to know either. Seniors. Can’t trust em. xoxo


    1. Thanks … you’re the best! Im afraid its kicking my ass a bit now but it seems to go in waves. I think thats why i even wrote this post cuz im a bit shockworn and fed up…i keep debating taking it down but its too late now…take care of you too! Xoxox


  4. As I’m writing this, I have a twitch in my cheek, right in my dimple, the left one. Hmmm.
    I want fresh blueberries but have been too lazy to go pick them. I could get them at the farmer’s market, but they’d cost a lot more.
    Be well, my friend.


  5. Aw, my guide dog’s back legs went too. She needed a lot of help. Bigger dog than Doug is.
    I can’t relate on the June kicking ass part, as this is the month I got my father’s kidney and new lease on life. But, but, I can relate on realizing that if I’d been born even in my mom’s generation, I would not be here, not without the invention of dialysis anyway, let alone a transplant.
    Glad you have support to keep on fighting. Best any of us can do.
    Library with a friend sounds lovely. Much summer ahead and time for visits to the markets.
    Hope you have a good week ahead Ivy.


  6. You and your ass kicking spirit are a lot of what has helped me keep perspective through these last few years. And I kind of love June. First of all, my birthday month. Duh. And Zilla’s, which means it’s the month she and I didn’t die in the process of getting her here, which was up for a debate for a bit during the process. And end of school. And Father’s Day for the Hub. And it’s the start of summer…I love it.
    Libraries are awesome. So are farmer’s markets. We’ve hit both this week and I love it!


  7. I am so glad you didn’t take this post down. One of the many things I love about you is your willingness to be real, and real means life is not all roses and accolades, some things just plain suck! Still, I am ever grateful that we do have the medical advances that have kept you going, and enabled me to meet you in this lifetime. My life would be so much less without your friendship and the daily check-ins that keep me going! I’m not a big fan of January or June and with clouds looming on the horizon at work, it’s been stressful. But just for this week I don’t give a damn, I’m going to enjoy the time that’s been given to me. I pray for you always, and that Doug remains beside you for as long as he possibly can, I know his heart will always be there!


  8. On bright notes, winning this contest was a BIG deal to me! I entered because I really wanted one of Richard’s amazing photographs! Now comes the challenge of trying to decide which one, they are all wonderful, he has a true gift for capturing the beauty of things! Thank you to your kind judge too, my entry was humble but I’m working on some better blackout poetry now, thanks to your inspiration!


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