If you’ve noticed, I’ve been distracted and a little obsessed. My last two posts or so have been a bit uptight as I am apt to get during an exacerbation of the thing that physically plagues me. It’s all a cycle really,

  1. I start to feel lousy
  2. I recognize that I have reason as the physical symptoms worsen
  3. I try to convince myself it’s all in my head
  4. I try the “suck it up already”-method of coping

Then… what often breaks the cycle is I’m forced into a corner to make another health related decision and I eventually decide that in order to give the new decision a valid trial, I have to cop to a better attitude.

That’s where I am starting today. I got my haircut yesterday as a way to, believe it or not, assist with the new plan. I am taking a few days and going to the beach at the end of the week to assist the new plan. I signed up for a yoga class modified for people like myself, to assist the new plan.  I am pushing, but not too much, to be as active as possible within the limits of my current uh…. hmmmm…limitations (I guess that’s the word?) to assist with the new plan. I am resigning to be positive about the new plan in hopes of giving it a chance to affect the old bod more positively.

So that’s the story… on to other randoms…


unnamed-26For those wondering I did return to the bike (after the break in my knee) and am doing it  daily about twenty minutes or so to my capacity without draining me. NO it did not become a coat rack…yet. I’m also still doing boxing drills…. These are part of the old plan that keeps me going.

SO I CUT  MY HAIR OFF AGAIN! I freaked out when I woke up this morning. I forgot I had it cut… It only lasted about half a minute before I recalled but, it was kinda funny…I am not really fond of me in short hair… ah the sacrifices we make … for the new plan!

00a2e747-27f5-4ed5-b614-ebbf4afef6d5Doug is doing okay. He is getting old enough now that strangers notice and feel compelled to mention that he looks old. Maybe it’s the baldness? Others still say he has a puppy face. I suspect that’s kind of like when you’re overweight and some well-meaning but hapless soul says something stupid like, “she has such a pretty face…” Usually it’s preceded by the words “It’s too bad…” or “It’s such a shame…”

Yeah okay that wasn’t the most positive thing I could have posted but…I said that I’m just gonna be more positive. I’m not gonna lie!

Have a great day and  come back tomorrow for SIX SENTENCE STORIES! THE CUE IS DECK!  Sorry…not draw…   DECK, DECK, DECK! 😵If you end up doing draw by accident no sweat my bad sorry!



5 thoughts on “RANDOM!

  1. Oh shoot, I just realized that tomorrow IS Thursday, and how am I gonna get a Stella story done when I pulled an all-nighter so I could use the laundry room at 5 am and I’ll have to sleep “sometime” today….Well, enough about me! Doug is adorable, I don’t care how old or infirm he is… Now, I’m having just a bit of trouble with your phrase “resigned to be positive” (about the new plan)–is it just that I’m an OLD English Major, or does “resign”/”resignation have a negative connotation?? No matter… being positive/grateful etc is a good thing and has it’s place, however I’m a firm believer in speaking the truth most of the time, no matter how crappy it is and sounds to the world at large. #4– “Sucking it up already” as a coping method does not resonate well for me; and my observation of others is that it only works as a very very short-term technique…otherwise burn-out, collapse, etc often results… You didn’t ask my opinion on any of this, did you? That’s what I thought–well, Stella has a tendency to opine regardless of invitation… Please know that you are much-loved here in the Pac NW, and that I continue to send up nightly prayers for you, and Doug. xxoo, Shadeau/Stella


  2. Good luck with the new plan! Any plan that includes a few days at the beach is a good plan, right?
    Doug reminds me of Tom Selleck. Two handsome fellas who age really well.


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