A Pictorial Essay (of sorts)

3e4343e9-3b46-4d40-b3b9-d353f73b53eeWe decided to go for a brief weekend jaunt, and found ourselves in Kennebunk, ME. 8897f99e-01cb-4cff-9252-db42f834247f While there we went to the beach, and a craft fair, a farmers market and did a little wandering around town.


712b1c92-2171-4f24-a3b4-19d96513d3adWe did manage to get a parking ticket but I figured spending $25.00 as opposed to $50.00 for some parking lot was worth the over the limit parking time…

We walked quite a bit to get to the beach from where we were staying and saw lovely scenery along the way…

While at the beach, low tide brought in a plethora of life…

a72948fd-7039-4834-b931-c8df0939f3efMeanwhile back at home my boy waited patiently (with dear friends)…Which made homecoming that much sweeter.



13 thoughts on “A Pictorial Essay (of sorts)

  1. When you were in Maine to see Kennebunk, did you also see his brothers Robbebunk and Frankebunk?
    And you let Doug at home? Isn’t that just about sin unforgivable?
    Blessings and Bear hugs, notwithstanding.


    1. Dog doesn’t like the car anymore. He doesn’t even like to go down to my mother’s house which is only an hour away. He loves seeing her but the car ride makes him anxious


      1. I’m with Doug, car rides usually make me anxious too–tell him if I were there, I’d be glad to sit home with him and watch a movie or something 🙂


  2. Luckily I have really good friends who love him as much as I do. And actually he loves them equally. My friend Judy is his girlfriend. He spends long hours at her Salon during the day while I’m at work


  3. I am so glad you to escape for this mini-vacation, it doth the weary soul good! Such a beautiful place!! Nothing is more precious than the site of little Doug perched on the sofa watching out the window for your return. That says it all about how much you are loved, and yes it does make the homecoming so much sweeter!

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