Random Musings

Have you ever noticed how you can go for long periods of time without ever hearing about something? Maybe even a lifetime!? Then all of a sudden you hear about it three times in a week or even a day? I never even heard of bacon jerky until this morning when I walked into a convenience store to pay for gas and overheard someone saying something about it. I heard about it another time today in conversation. Later after work I stopped to buy a few things including saltines (unsalted…a random topic for another time), and what do I spy? You got it… bacon jerky. What the heck?????


For some reason I thought of this today: Quite a while ago I had a gastroenterologist explain my metabolic problem to me. He said ” Do you remember that mastodon they pulled out of the Arctic ice last year? Well, your metabolism is just a little slower than his.”

Before you go off thinking ” What a jerk!” I must say in his defense that when I first met him I accused him of not believing I had a metabolic issue, and said, ” Look. I have had it up to here (indicating above my head) with doctors imagining an eagle carrying off a pig when I say that I eat like a bird !”

I guess what I’m saying is, I appreciate his candor. We kind of communicate with each other that way.


Zebras: ex-cons of the animal kingdom (until they discover bright orange anyway.)


acc745c8-1f0b-4b81-a3a9-595061628f91WARNING: The next two paragraphs are a rant…. feel free to skip ’em.

I went to the beach for a few days, and got a little cocky this past weekend. I was feeling my usual state of crummy instead of Holy-Crap-Do-I-Feel-Crummy (which I have been experiencing for a month or so). I even convinced myself that maybe I could put off the hip replacement for a bit longer (which at this point is no longer an option but rather, a necessity… putting it off, I mean.) IDIOT! I overdid the walking. I am still paying for it, and wonder if I am back at square one with my hip. OUCH! I am spending most of my time in a child yoga pose, it’s the one with your knees bent and your butt in the air. I’m typing this on the floor in that position right now…try not to think about that too long …it’s temporary, but it is at least some relief.

Why do I remain ever gullible and duped by my body? When am I gonna realize it’s been trying to push me out for the past thirty years and today is likely no different? When will it realize it can’t go on without the rest of me and pushing me out isn’t an option? IDIOT body! What does it think is gonna happen if someone isn’t manning the fort? It’s just gonna be another organic heap lying around stinking up the place. At least being inhabited keeps it above ground and in relatively one piece. OY I’m pissed off about this today.


I recently opened up an Instagram account, then closed it. I have a bunch of “friends” apparently… problem is my phone doesn’t have storage enough to handle the app and I am rarely on my computer so I uninstalled it. I suppose I should go see that it’s not just downloading stuff willy-nilly like G+ used to do…Maybe I will do it from my work computer. I often need a five minute brain break between people. Doing something enjoyable may be a good thing… So if you “friended” me on Instagram, hang on!


Little prayer for today… Please grant me enough peace to pass it along to others who may also need it. Thanks.


Have a great day… I gotta unfold myself and feed Doug!472dd278-7dfc-4e4b-bb1c-97ed969cffcf


15 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. Makes you wonder if a day at the beach is worth it. Being in pain every single day SUCKS. Could they possibly give you a steroid shot until you can withstand the surgery? Jen said it briefly helped her. On a lighter note, I picture you typing with your butt up in the air and Doug climbing on your back to read over your shoulder. ((((hugs))))


  2. Living with chronic pain that spikes up to outrageous levels at times such plain SUCKS as Val says. I am hoping and praying that your hip will settle down to bearable levels again, I love that you are telling your body to get with the program. I love that little prayer too, I’m going to borrow it, I’m not feeling very motivated or motivational these days. Can you have Doug snap a photo of you in yoga typing position please, that’s gotta be pretty cute! 🙂 One day/one hour at a time. XOXO


  3. *HUGS* I assume you’re taking all the things already to help with the pain, but I hear turmeric root is meant to be great.

    I’m still glad you enjoyed your time at the beach but I wish it didn’t take so much out of you. Sending prayers for enough peace for you to share and pass on.

    And YES! Instagram is wonderful. Really truly xo


  4. Love it–though you know I always fret when I hear about your health issues (most people would just commiserate and go eat something, but not me). The beach is so wonderful, almost worth the resulting pain in the hip I’d guess –speaking for myself, not you, as I have “issues” (hip, lower back, upper back, shoulder, neck, head–and probably ‘memory’, I can’t recall just now). I LOVE the Zebra note–har har har! Glad you talked about Instagram–I won’t bother thinking about ever getting it… What can I say that would actually help? I love you, Ivy–from a distance yes, but truly–and I pray for you each night and sometimes days… xxoo to you and Doug, from Stella


  5. Living with chronic pain sucks. Child pose, however, really does work a bit. I hate my body and y RA most when I think I feel good and then realize soon after that I had no business thinking I could do whatever it is that I did. *sigh*
    I am ten seconds from killing a StumbleUpon account because, frankly, I don’t get it and I don’t have the energy to put into more social media than I barely keep up with now. Instagram I never did. Maybe I’d like that more. Stumble thing just irks me.
    I’m up to my ass most moments of the day. Miss you!


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