TToT Time

  1. Doug…I have a dog… his name is Doug. I think he’s swell.

  2. My birthday is in August, but my mother starts in June because she feels guilty for screwing up the actual date which no one seems to be able to decide upon. She got me a great early gift.
  3. Tara, my good buddy and billing person.
  4. Doug… my dog… I know, you probably didn’t know I had a dog… I do. He’s awesome.
  5. Walter. Doug’s friend is recovering from surgery.
  6. My Mom got new hearing aids. She can hear again without saying, “huh?”
  7. Friends… good , good friends.
  8. My Mom wrote out her family history for my neice. I have to type it for her. I pretty much knew it but she was so happy to be asked for it. It’s nice for her to be so happy.
  9. My friend Cher had two of her three dogs pass away last month. She got a new dog yesterday.
  10. I have a dog named Doug. He’s pretty alright.
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24 thoughts on “TToT Time

    I’m fortunate that my brother has done extensive work on our family history and has it on a genealogy site.


  2. Happy birthday season! 🙂
    Doug is Mr. Personality.
    I find family history fascinating, and it is great to have written records.


  3. An August b’day, huh? Interesting cue–“drill”…wonder what Frank and Stella will come up with. Have a blessed week, Ivy–you, too, Dougie! xxoo, Stella


    1. I don’t think there’s any great mystery that I might be a Leo. Yeah call accidentally wrote one last week when I wrote you know the drill. So I thought I’d cut him a break. But actually I’m just too lazy to think of a new Q


  4. I didn’t know you had a dog, though he looks vaguely familiar. Perhaps the reincarnation of a good friend? I’m glad your Mom feels loved and needed and family history is important for all of us to hold on to. I’m always asking my Dad to turn up his hearing aids. Hope I can remember the drill.

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  5. Doug, such an awesome dog! I’m glad to know you have him. :-). Not everybody can claim a drawn-out birthday, I think that works to your favor! As one who wears hearing aids, I can attest that not only are they are blessing to us wearers, they are a true blessing to people who grow weary of us saying “what”, and straining to grasp conversations. Yay for your Mom, I never could get my Dad to try them, and he would have liked them so much. God bless our friends, and our friends who are furry too! xoxo


  6. When I still lived at home, I spent hours and hours and hours listening to my grandma tell family stories, and that doesn’t include the hours and hours and hours I spent with all of her siblings and other relatives, listening to stories. No doubt your mom was happy to tell the family history. I pray my grandkids want to listen to me someday…
    I didn’t know Doug had a human!


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