Warning: Random Pain, Sadness, and Laundry Ahead

An oncologist once said my pain tolerance was ” stupidly, dangerously high.” I guess having a pain tolerance that high has just made me cocky. I don’t know how people do it. Have no doubt I’ve had some really seriously bad pain in my life, but I don’t tolerate pain meds all that well…right now I’m about ready to chew off my own leg.

I had my hip pain under control for quite a while. Then I stupidly went to the beach and walked in all that soft sand for long, long distances… stupid …stupid …stupid. Hopefully I’m going to be able to get it back under some control. I’m really counting on that.

My biggest concern is that sitting seems to be the enemy. I’m a psychotherapist. I sit for a living.



The little furry buggers are just deep, deep wells you throw all your emotions into.

Bruce Schimmel

I hesitate to say it because I feel like I’ve been crying wolf for quite a while now. Skippy is really slowing down… for those of you who really follow the Douglas dramas. He’s having trouble walking and standing up. He’s lost about 3 pounds in the last couple weeks. But he is still happy and eats like a little piggy. His doctor who is a good friend , and wouldn’t needlessly spare my feelings in a situation like this, seems to think that he’s not quite ready to go yet. And I’m grateful for any time we have together.

Skip/Doug has given us a few scares over the last couple years, and even my buddy the vet has thought he would be gone before this. But I gotta feeling this little furry bugger is not going down without a fight. I suppose you don’t reach 112 and a half without learning a few things about living. I’m so sad ….but honored to be with him as long as he happily deems to do so.


I think I do an excessive amount of laundry. Perhaps it’s the product of a fairly modestly sized wardrobe.


I don’t remember if I said anything previously about it, but the United States Medicare system has not paid me since October. Why? Because they made a typo in my tax ID number and it took them that long to correct it. Just this week they finally accepted my billing. Hopefully that means I’ll get paid soon. Won’t that be nice?


I’m hoping to get a new car this week. New to me. Friends, really great friends  decided not to trade theirs in. I’m going to pass mine on to another friend who really needs one badly. You know they need it badly when they’re willing to take a Chevy with 212,000 miles on it. Even if it is free.

If you recall this was the car I got into a pretty bad accident with during Operation Meet the Brit, last year. It reached 200,000 miles on that trip. I was really hoping to get it to 250,000 miles however I am willing to let my friend have that honor. Hopefully like Skip/Doug it keeps happily plugging on. I asked her to take a photo of the mileage either on its last day or when it does hit 250,000, whichever comes first.IMG_20160603_154359875



22 thoughts on “Warning: Random Pain, Sadness, and Laundry Ahead

  1. Oh my, so many ups and downs here today.
    I’m so sorry you are in such pain. Walking in sand will do in the healthiest of us. But how can one resist??!! I know I can’t.

    My heart hurts for you. Doug is holding on valiantly, thankfully he is happy and mostly comfortable. Give him a gentle squeeze for me.

    Glad to hear you may be getting pain, but more glad to hear you are getting a new car. Hopefully this one will like working more than your current car. That car seem to do all it can to get another chance to sit in a mechanic’s garage being pampered.


  2. My heart goes out to you on all counts. I understand pain, physical and emotional. Take care of yourself and your little furry friend. You & Dougie hold onto each other for as long as life permits. You will know when it is time. He will tell you and you will listen. Love is like that. Hugs.

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  3. Oh goodness, I don’t know whether to be sad–or just increase my fret ‘n pray stuff. I’m mostly sorry the beach walk proved way too costly… God bless you and Doug, love to you both–xxoo, Stella (and Frank)


  4. That Weeniebutt car has lasted forever! I’m so sad though about Skip Douggie and I say trust the vet… with my Arthur, I asked and he ended up passing on at home and I was so grateful for that and also for Chief, who I had to help do so in the office, for them telling me when was when, if that makes sense. Aw Skippie. And AW Ivy, to the pain and crap the PAIN. Pain sucks. I hope you feel better soon. So much.
    I rode in that car. Thank you for giving me a ride. xoxoxoxo times a bazzillion even though well WEEENIEBUTT.


  5. Feeling sad about Skip and the pain you are in. Is it your hip or you know that sciatica and periformis (sp?) muscle are related to that? (of course you do , you’re a physical therapist). My friend gets relief from stim impulses and accupuncture. Can’t wait to see the new car and glad bureaucratic mixup has been resolved.

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    1. Yeah I’m pretty sure my sciatic nerve it’s just really inflamed from a pretty good piriformis syndrome….can barely rotate my leg….which im sure is the arthritis as well…argh!


  6. speaking as a person ‘of years’ I totally identified with…. the photo of the Car and the Duct Tape. (I’m proud to say that I played a role in that particularly artistic example of body work. The thing about dogs, besides being perfect, is that they are the opposite of Fun House mirrors… when there is a relationship between human and canine, the canine, in their unconditional love reflect back an image that (speaking for myself) I only hope to live up to.
    ya know?


    1. That duct tape was a seriously good find on your part! I had the best time with you and Phyllis and Una that weekend… even if I was trying not to worry about how the hell I was going to get home. You guys seriously saved my butt… we would have never gotten to go and pick up the Brit!


  7. So, so much on your plate to deal with, and yet you manage to keep all the plates spinning in the air with no major crashes to date. I hurt for your pain, and I am sad for Doug’s advancing years. The new-to-you car is a wonderful blessing though, and I am so very thankful for it! I can relate to the laundry too, I’m convinced that the furkids party in our clothes when we are at work, that’s the only way I can explain how two people can generate so much to wash, same goes with dishes! 🙂 We both take life one day at a time my friend, and we are always given enough grace to get thru that day. I believe we always will be. Hugs to you and my buddy Doug, may you both keep truckin’ on! XOXO


    1. Doug breaks my heart. Its funny cuz i often think of that plate analogy and always seem to think mine are on the ground. I guess it’s that glass half full thing. I should be more of a pragmatist and just drink the damn glass of water instead of worrying about if it’s half full or empty.


  8. Why did it take my comment away??? Why does the internet hate me this week? Ugh!
    I’m so sorry you have pain and really sad that Doug is declining. I wish I could say something helpful or useful, but I can’t think of any words that would have the desired effect. So I’ll just say that I love you and I love Doug and here’s a huge hug from me because that’s what I’d do if I were there in person. ❤


  9. Sorry about your pain. I am the opposite of you, I have a very low pain tolerance. Maybe having high tolerance is good . . .
    My dog Snowball has highs and lows too. One day he just won’t leave his bed, most of the times he is his moody self, barking for no reason but usually sweet with human family members. We take what we can get.


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