1. Skip/Doug is still around. He is slowly winding down. His vet seems to think he may have a week or so in him. Then she points out he has rallied in the past… she may not be putting him down… but she’s KILLING me! I am very sad but will enjoy every day that he can enjoy. He is not painful, he is eating, he is certainly passing gas, he is tail wagging, and wanting to climb into a cozy lap to fall asleep most of the day. So I will give that to him. He has not made it clear he needs assistance with this so I’m going on the premise of, he’s got this one and I got his back if he needs me.


  2. Being a physical therapist has been an amazing asset to my ability to manage my physical issues. I’m grateful for that previous profession.
  3. My leg problems while still problematic are becoming more tolerable.
  4. I haven’t chewed off my own leg yet.
  5. Medicare still hasn’t paid me, but I know I have more options than most to beg, borrow or steal to keep going.
  6. New car (to me) next week.
  7. Doug, have I mentioned Doug is still here? and he’s comfortable… I couldn’t stand it if he were in pain…I got yer back buddy…
  8. K1…had some fun/ny conversations this week.
  9. Richard, and my therapist both seem to think I may be sane despite my ever volcanic stress level… the only reason I may believe them is that I don’t have to pay Richard to say so.
  10. Have I mentioned Doug is comfortable?IMG_20160610_125447



30 thoughts on “CONCISE

  1. Ivy, I’m so sorry about Doug. I hope that there is still a bit of time with him yet. I wish I could come up with something truly uplifting to say. Something that would really help

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    1. Oh ty Candy! I was going to bring him by the library this morning but I realized that it was July 1st and you’re only there at the end of the month…. he seems to be doing quite well today. Perhaps this is the rallying. He’s still quite exhausted and very slow but he’s definitely eating a little better today.


  2. A dog? You have a dog? I would never have guessed. Fancy that; you have a dog. Well, I’ll be. And his name is Douglas. As in McArthur? Or perhaps Fairbanks?

    I must confess that, from looking at the pictures, he seems a very agreeable fellow; a relaxed, comfortable dog, who doesn’t cause any trouble whatsoever. The epitome of “it’s a dog’s life.” I do hope he stays well, for a old fellow.

    I hope, in the meantime, he (like you) isn’t disturbed by any Bars in your neighbourhood. Not that one should be disturbed by Bears. The ones I know are very well-mannered.

    On the other side, you’re getting a new car. To replace the one which had the accident, and which I thought was brought back to “like new” condition? I guess not. Ah well. Happy hunting!

    Blessings and Bear hugs from the “far north.”

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    1. You wise achery ol bar! The car is not like new but it’s new enough to someone else that they are going to take it for free. Because someone is giving me a car believe it or not. And while my own car may still be running this other car is a mere Babe by comparison. And Douglas actually got his name from mr. Fairbanks. He was my friend’s favorite actor. To be honest I can’t even name any of his movies off the top of my head. Was he in all those swashbuckler movies?


  3. I think you’ll get it right for him. You love him so much (and he knows it) and I’m so glad you’re giving him so much in his decline. Being his lap. Being there. Letting him do what he needs to do. So sad though, that his end seems to be so close. As opposed to his backside, which is undoubtedly *too* close, if he’s on your lap and farting…

    HOORAY NEW CAR! And so glad you haven’t chewed off your leg yet. Try to not to 😉


  4. A physical therapist, oh…somehow I got confused, thought you were the “other” kind… Ivy, I’m so sorry Doug is declining, know that will be a hard loss for you… sending the usual: prayers upward, love across–Stella & Frank


  5. You will know Ivy. The SkipDoug is a part of you. You will know the what and the when. His love will guide you.

    New car! I can relate. You will so enjoy it. It’s ok to mourn the old one but you will soon get wrapped up your new wheels 😀

    Good thing for #4 elsewhile, how could you use your new bike! 🙂


  6. Oh, that most dreaded time–making that decision. I’m so sorry. It’s never easy. You’ll know when it’s time, if it comes to that. (In fact, I think it was on this very day a number of years ago that we had to make that decision for our 16-yr-old samoyed.) The right decision doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Drexel still loves playing with the green toy you and Doug sent.
    I’m thankful that you were a physical therapist, too. Your advice is really helping my healing process. Thank you.


  7. I think that every one of us has come to love Doug through you, and we will all cry when he’s no longer here to hold the place of honor in your posts, but he will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will be praying for strength and courage for yours. I know without a doubt that you will stand by him and know just what to do. You two are so close, he will let you know when it’s time to say goodbye. I am grateful that you manage to have a handle on the high pain levels most days, and that you will be getting a new vehicle you can trust to keep running. Are you sane? Well of course you are, more sane than most of us I think! These days my brain is pretty scrambled, but being able to stay in touch with you helps a bunch to keep me from falling apart, thank you! XOXO

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  8. Doug. He’s famous like my Hash Brown dog was famous. No other animal will ever replace him. Enjoy this time with him – you’ll always be glad you did.
    And stress. Hmm, I recommend a road trip – it’s stressful in a different, very fun way that ignites the explorer instinct. Sometimes you get into little predicaments (like us having to sleep in the car at a 24-hour truck stop the other night), but overall, it’s so amazingly incredible and peaceful to see all the sights and sounds. Now we’re visiting family, but taking a breather. Hang in there. Thinking of you. xo


  9. Oh my heart feels so much for you and Doug right now. He is a wonder – you both are. I’m with team “you’ll know and you’ll do right by him” because you love him enough to know what he needs. Thinking of you always. ❤


  10. Glad Doug is comfortable. It’s awful to see our pets in pain. Here’s hoping for as much time together as is allowed to you.
    Glad about the sanity thing. Most days I question my own.
    New car is always exciting. Glad your leg trouble is easing somewhat. We don’t realize how vital they are to us until we start to see them declining.


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