One Last Time

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I’m sure it won’t be the last time I mention him, but now the Doug has passed, we’re going to be seeing a lot less of him around here. And well, quite honestly it breaks my heart. It doesn’t mean however, that there hasn’t been a lot that has spurred me on to feeling truly grateful.

* “…that zoe (aka ivy) didn’t have a dog name doug (or skip)… and that zoe put her car back together during ‘the Vacation Trip of last summer’ with nothing but duct tape, and that, sadly, there is not enough duct tape in the world to put back together her heart, now that doug/skip is gone.”    Clark, The Wakefield Doctrine 7/9/16

Virtual friends have poured out of the woodwork. So many lovely things have been written, texted, phoned in, What’s App-ed, and  IM’d. We have an amazing community out here and grateful isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about every one of you…THANK YOU , from deep in my heart, thank you.

* My real life friends are exceptional people too. This is an excerpt from a text with Doug’s vet who over the years has become one of my favorite people:
d3ee852c-3868-4a41-bd27-01c5aaaf9644“Skip died on my birthday. I’m so honored. I’ll always think of him and you!!”

My niece had this made:IMG_20160708_162845189

My friends Judi (Doug’s unofficial  love interest) and Mike spent tons of time with Doug and are as sad as I am. Judi would often bring Douglas to her hair salon for the day.0615021108

The day after he died my friend Andy came in for a haircut and Mike happened to be there for lunch. Apparently there were a lot of tears and a conversation took place about how Judy always used to help shave Doug. I guess Andy and Mike started to panic that perhaps she was using the same razor on them. So I made sure he and Mike each got a copy of Doug’s will.PicsArt_07-07-09.57.21



scan0003 (2)* it was really no secret that Doug had a deeply rooted Napoleon complex. He often took on animals twice his size his favorite being the Bears in the area. This guy showed up for Doug’s last 2 days. Probably just coincidence, and while Doug no longer had the energy to run after him, he seemed to really enjoy watching him for a few minutes.


While being an internet sensation was more his forte, Doug was featured in the Smiling Dog section of Bark Magazine and he was featured in a photo shoot for Dogs on Furniture… no really it’s a thing!

Most of all Doug was a sport. I had so much fun putting words to his facial expressions. Some would say it was pure anthropomorphizing but , I’m okay with that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He was contemplative.

PicsArt_06-01-05.38.59He aged with style. People who have dogs often tell me that there is one dog that is extra special. Skip was that dog,

but most of all, he was mine. PicsArt_1452337299370





The Six Sentence Cue of the Week is BOOK…



41 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. I love this post. Smiles and tears. You were obviously a team, and blessings to each other. One of the beautiful things about loving critters is that they are forever with you. They always give the best of themselves, and they never take that back. It is forever yours. He will forever be in your heart. Peace.

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  2. I was so hoping you would do this! It’s a beautiful tribute the most beloved poodle guy ever. Tears and smiles, and joy in the knowledge that he’s been set free of that aging body, and will be waiting for you to join him some day. I cannot thank you enough for sharing him and your love story with us! XOXO


  3. This is the perfect post to honor the week that SkipDoug passed. I especially liked the slide show and yes, he was yours. Thank you for sharing him with us over the years. I think it’s true that there’s “one dog…” I’m glad that you two found one another in this huge wide world.
    As you know, I am so so very sorry for your loss and have been thinking of you often sending virtual vibes of peace and love. xoxo my friend. RIP Doug.


  4. I love this post. I was just in the mall yesterday with my daughter and we noticed this doggie sofa in the store with a note saying, “For dogs only, humans keep off.” It was a beautiful little piece of furniture like the one Doug was modelling with. He made it even look better.


  5. my favorite (which I believe I’ve appropriated more than the principle of fair use might intend) photo is the far right under the slide show, ‘puppy in contemplation of carriage and field’


    1. That’s my favorite photo too but mostly because it’s so deceptive. He’s really stalking the chickens that you cant see from the distance because they’re all over that plow!


  6. Squishes! (in my family that is the word for big hugs and all the kids are great at it – if you say hug they don’t hug you as tight – a squish is much better than a hug) and damn what if God was one of us????


  7. I’m crying my eyes out, and I’ve never met you or Doug in person–and I don’t even LIKE pets!!! Whaaaaaaaaa, I miss Doug from afar 😦 May God, and others, comfort you in your loss, Ivy–RIP dear Doug. xxoo, Stella and Frank


    1. Leave me I’ve been crying my eyes out since Thursday. It’s nice to know I’m in such good company though thank you. And thank you for loving Douglas so much. My mom isn’t a pet person either and she misses him terribly. He was pretty stinkin special and I’m glad you both could recognize that and enjoy him.


  8. *siiiiiiiiigh* Gonna miss him. A lot. Not as much as you and his people there but…I will.

    I LOVE the cushion with him on. That’s kinda perfect seeing how much time he DID spend on the sofa 🙂 And thank you for all the trips down memory lane, and the lovely tribute to him. He sure was one helluva dog 🙂 ❤


    1. Mr. Skippy absolutely adored kitties. I’m sure the Rotten’s would have been held in the highest esteem somewhere deep in his heart. Thanks so much Lisa


  9. Such a beautiful tribute to such a precious friend. Seriously, over my 44 years on this earth, my family has had many dogs and other pets. I have never mourned a single one of them like I am Dear Douglas. Thank you for sharing him with us. There is no doubt that while he frolics in heaven, he will be fondly remembered by many people here on earth.


    1. Ive had mamy dogs as well and I know exactly what you mean. He was a wonderful little guy. I miss him terr. Thanks Christine…its beem great to hear that he meant something to other people too.


  10. I was so sorry to hear the news. Sending my most sincere condolences to you at this time, while you are feeling the loss most strongly. You gave him such a wonderful life. Lucky dog he was. Losing a pet, any pet, is never easy. I know you won’t let him be forgotten in the virtual or real world. I never did meet him, but now I will always remember Doug the dog.


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