Is It Time for a Random Post Already?

Well, okay if you insist.

*Peanut butter sandwiches: food of the gods! Even if you’re out of bread and only have frozen hot dog buns…not that I know of such things.

* Flying butresses, I must know more about flying butresses.

*While I lie here flat on my back

with my leg and hip out of whack

I think of Skip’s fandom

and how posting random

is how blogging I must attack.

*After Doug died, Judi, who knew I wanted to paint but wouldn’t for fear of the smell sickening Doug more, did this:

Best ever friends.

*I’m concerned for a few people. Nuff said…just concerned. Things work out. Yes, they do. God got your back. Just trusting it is tough at times.

*I have a sorely neglected art journal. (A few pages are up the top of this post because I’m posting it from my phone and my bed. My phone is not cooperating. So in an effort to accept what I cannot change, I’m moving on.) It’s an awesome thing with a red hardcover and roomy pages…blank pages…I decided it deserves more attention from me and as I seem to be in need of distraction at the current time…

I’ve put together a 30 Day Art Challenge for myself. I’m posting it here in case anyone would like to join me. It would be great if anyone wanted to join. Here’s the game: I plan over the next 30 days to use the cues to create a daily form of art. Now art is a relative term, so my intent is to include pieces that may be graphic, written, or maybe even audio. There are no rules, because hard-fast  rules for me (in such circumstances) can promote failure. So it’s all about flexibility… so if you only want to do one and make it an essay then so be it! Either way, I haven’t yet chosen a start date, but I will shortly. I will present the list right now. It may spur some interest. Also either way (even if I’m the only participant, or if there are many), I will put a linky on each of the 30 days.  Feel free to link up your blog if you like and use that day’s cue. This is something that I would love for people to participate in, but I’m really doing it for me because I need something right now.  It’s part of staying healthy and helping people to realize that once we admit it’s all about me we’ll all be much happier! HAAAAA HAAAAAAA SNORT…. I crack myself up!


  1. Who are you?
  2. Favorite book character
  3. What are you looking at right now?
  4. PURPLE!
  5. You created a monster!
  6. What do you miss?
  7. What’s your superpower?
  8. What couldn’t you live without?
  9. What’s your favorite movie?
  10. Cityscape
  11. Worst food ever!
  12. A favorite childhood toy
  13. Water, water everywhere!
  14. If you could go anywhere in the world?
  16. Kitchens of the future
  17. Killer sheep
  18. DOODLES!
  19. X-RAYS
  20. YELLOW!
  21. Is that on fire?
  22. New inventions
  23. Treehouse living
  24. I Can Fly
  25. UFOs, Martians, and Saucers
  26. Promote an unlikely product
  27. Favorite music
  28. The book jacket on your autobiography
  29. Blind dates
  30. GO WILD!



26 thoughts on “Is It Time for a Random Post Already?

  1. I’m interested in this challenge. But, I can’t make your graphic big enough to read the topics. Could you write out the list or make the graphic bigger? It sounds like fun to me and my husband is interested in joining in, too, though his responses are likely to be more essay than graphic. Thanks!


    1. Yeah most definitely, I realize it’s not readable but my computer comes out right as I was about to type it out. Well actually I did type it out but it didn’t save it. So my roommates looking at my computer now and hopefully it will be resolved tonight. I’m so glad you’re interested


  2. A random, 30-day art challenge. Now that sounds very “interesting,” indeed. Especially, I like your understanding of art as a “relative term.” Sorta like “Art is whatever you can get away with.” Oh, yes! Definitely. Count me in. (Sorta.)

    And Judi got busy and painted up the inside of your ol’ barn. Awesome lady. Not that I have anything that needs to be painted. But just an awesome woman, nonetheless, who would do that for you!

    I have recurring images of Doug/Skip in my mind. Not sure what that means. Have I gone to the dog?

    Hope you are staying as healthy as you can.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


    1. Incredible friends yes? And you know I keep seeing little doggies too. One in particular. I wouldn’t worry too much about having gone to the dogs I think you might have been there a little while ago and just didn’t realize it.


      1. WHAT? “I think you might have been there a little while ago and just didn’t realize it.”
        I’ll have you know that I resemble that remark!
        Oh, wait; that’s not the word. Hmmmm.
        Ah, yes; I represent that. . . . No, that’s not right, either.
        Well, whatever.
        But I’ll have you know that I’m not amused!

        Still, blessings and Bear hugs. (Crippling Bear hugs, perhaps).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You see mr. Bear, just like art it’s all relative. I consider going to the dog quite the compliment. And oh my goodness you had me laughing out loud with that crippling bear hug!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Keeping busy with a projects is Always Good! Love the newly painted room–what I can see of it 🙂 Interesting art challenge–I might be persuaded to join in… ‘It’s all about me’–ri-i-i-ght! Don’t we wish–at least for a day–that would be nice maybe…except I’d probably be watching the clock nervously… Much love to you, Ivy–xxoo, Stella and Frank


  4. I would love to join you in the challenge, but I can’t even keep up with my own challenge of cleaning the bathroom on a regular basis. But because it is all about you, I’ll be happy to look at your art. 🙂

    There is no shame in making PB sandwiches from frozen hot dog buns. Or the heels of bread that are meant for the dog. Not that I’ve ever done it more than a few times. 🙂


  5. HOORAY for the painting being done. And to art (whoever HE is) and for you having a cool challenge that I’m probably going to wimp out on.

    I’m annoyed at the peanut butter I have atm. Usually I would agree that it’s WONDERFUL stuff, but this type I’m just not keen on. It’s a let-down, every single sandwich.


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