BOOKS: Welcome to 6 sentence stories

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I have more than a passing dalliance with books. I learned to read early, but I can tell you the moment when the romance of reading hit me. It was when Francie in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” was reading on her fire escape. We were both learning to run . I recognized a kindred spirit. There was no turning back.



This week the word is BOOK

    •  no more, no less than the usual six sentences
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
    • Link it up

Oops, link wasn’t timing…. should  be fixed now…sorry!


21 thoughts on “BOOKS: Welcome to 6 sentence stories

  1. Oh this is maaaa-velous, Ivy!!! One of my rare good memories of childhood and school is that First Grade was the highlight, in that I took to reading like I’d been born a book. The teacher would have us read aloud–which was a horror for so many kids, but not me. When she called my name, she’d say: “Alright class, hang onto your seats–L is going to read!” Because I wasn’t just good, I was FAST!


  2. I, too, love the photo. AND, Francie was one of my favorite, ever, characters in all of the books I’ve ever read. And my kindred spirit, definitely more than a dalliance with books.


  3. Thank for this excellent prompt, Ivy. I hope that you find my offering worthy. I will visit everyone in the next couple of days. Weekends are busy for most people, including me, now. Hugs.


  4. I like the fact that books can take you anywhere in the world, offer you countless hours of educational information and it can all be done sitting in your home or where ever you choose to read. And, we are blessed to read whatever we choose to.


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