TToT: It’s A New Day

This month has been one for the record. Maybe it’s because a short time ago I declared June historically bad anniversary jou jou? I dunno …

Let’s do this:

  1. This is my first Doug-free TToT…kinda hypograt that I’m doing one at all. I’m doing well post-Doug. The photo is an edit …for you Christine!
  2. Summer produceIMG_20160715_193405
  3. Got new car…and right in time. Used the end of the duct tape last week.unnamed (13)
  4. Been high anxiety this week and I’m grateful for the ability to calm myself through most of it.
  5. Modern medicine. People either knew more than we know, or must have suffered terribly in the past.IMG_20160715_222607703
  6. Good friends…really good friends.
  7. Funny books. Any recommendations? My therapist recommended The Laying On of Hands by Alan Bennett. Very dry but funny. Kindle is fab. Im stuck in bed and have a book in moments!
  8. I know I owe more than a little grat to the power of prayer.
  9. Its time for a new vision board.
  10. The 30 Day Art Challenge PicsArt_07-15-07.57.32

Look away Clark!!!



30 thoughts on “TToT: It’s A New Day

  1. Glad you’re doing well, and HOORAY about the car. Good timing indeed!

    I think people probably just used to suffer in the past 😦

    As for books…always, always, the beauty of The Corfu Trilogy, by Gerald Durrell. Or for a bit more bonkers humour, any of the James Herriott books is a good bet. And if you want a bit of a thinky bent to your reading, look out the Don Camillo books (which I want to get all of at some point, if I can).


  2. I love this post.
    I am a Kindle lover and have been a member of Kindle Unlimited (and Prime) and using them extensively. I have Kindle on 2 phones, Samsung tablet, computer, and a Kindle fire. I love it too that Kindle fire can read to me, and with my phone Siri, Kindle books can be read too.
    I am happy you are doing well.


  3. Ivy, if you haven’t read “Ambulance Girl” by Jane Stern, you’re truly missing out. It’s not new, a short biography, probably in your local library–you’ll Laugh, you’ll cry… And if you can’t get the book, maybe you can get the movie/DVD–huge fun with Kathy Bates playing the real-life Jane. I gave my copy away, and regret doing so. xxoo, Stella and Frank

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      1. Wow, you’re fast! Glad you enjoyed it–and Kathy Bates really can do no role badly. It was a poignant story–she and her husband have divorced, but remain friends–made me sad. Though it was also insightful, as she was unable to give up her need for super-control–and through AA, he had learned it’s impossible to completely control the world or your life…or other people…


  4. So glad you were able to get a new-to-you car. All the duct tape in the world can’t do that car any more good.
    As for books, the only book that has ever gotten me to laugh out loud is “One for the Money” by Janet Evanovich. Bryan got annoyed with me when I read it in bed because I’d shake the bed trying not to laugh out loud.
    I’m off to look into Ambulance Girl…

    I miss photos of Doug…


    1. She does make me laugh. Ive read 1-21 or hoever many there are now! 22 maybe???? Thanks….i miss doug shots too….i will add one just for you. Edit time. He had just woken up…in the pic i will post….


  5. Sumer produce…from your garden I bet! I’m jealous. One day, one day…I’ll have a garden:)
    Promise me no more duct tape 😀 Congrats on new car.
    #4 Good for you because with all that’s been going on in your life lately, you need tools to be able to do this.
    Ah, the Vision Board. Good for you Ivy. I’ve been telling myself since Cyndi first posted about them, that I was going to create a Vision Board for my own damn self. Have I? Yet?? No!!! Let me know when you’ve got yours put together and I will then go out and….at least purchase the “board” 🙂
    The 30 Day Challenge sounds exciting….


    1. Myvlast board i did in a computer freebie program on my phone! I will try to find the link cuz i was looking for it to do another…. currently stuck on my back and not conducive to cut and pasting!!! I will send it to ya if youre interested.

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  6. New car? Wow, awesome. For funny reading – anything by David Sedaris. I think my favorite is “Me Talk Pretty One Day.” He’s also fabulous on audio book (the ones I’ve heard, he’s the reader which is just cool). I kinda love him. Anyway, sorry about anxiety being high this week but I’m glad you’ve been able to power through it.

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  7. Glad you’re doing well post-Doug. “Marley and Me” made me laugh, but it also made me cry, so I’m not sure that would be the best choice for you now.
    Your produce looks delicious, and hurray for a new car!
    Prayer definitely counts for more than one item.
    The Art Challenge sounds like fun. August is a busy month, but I’ll think about how I can participate.

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    1. I agree on both counts…read m&m cried!!!! So yup too much currently. It was. On tv a few weeks ago too! I have been praying like a cloistered nun lately….this injury has me freaked out and i need to be calmer….


  8. My thankful is that the Jalopy isn’t past the duct tape going any good stage yet. Praying you recover quickly, and when i say it, i mean it.


  9. Glad you’re doing OK. Think of you constantly. I’m on my way out the door but wanted to toss the book recommendation that’s in my head so I don’t forget. I haven’t read more than an excerpt or two, but my sister was loving Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story.


  10. I watched “Marley & Me” and got totally sideswiped emotionally–didn’t realize it was a true story initially, and thought it would just be a comedy. Like I’ve told you before, I’m not a pet person…but I cried my eyes out! PS–eagerly waiting to post 6SS 🙂 (though there’s no dog in the story)


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