Random #476.3


When given enough time, I can read like The Flash. I think I’m on my 7th book this week. Granted I am experiencing an extended time of physical recuperation but lest you think I’ve done nothing else I’ve gotten a lot of my paperwork organized. It’s amazing what you can do without having to sit at a desk to do it.

So I’ve read some great books this week…. a few were recommended by you guys, and some from in real life friends…. I think my favorite so far is The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. It’s sweet and funny. In it the queen discovers a mobile library behind the castle and throughout the book evolves into a voracious reader. I’m not sure it’s everyone’s bag but it’s a nice read. I’ve also read some laugh out loud funny books this week and would be happy to give you the short list if you’re interested.


mms_pictureHow old is that gravestone to become part of a tree that size?


So I haven’t been completely outright and forthcoming here, but I’ve been recovering from an injury for about a month and these past two weeks it kind of took a turn south, Landing me on intermittent bed rest. And I say intermittent because who doesn’t get up to go to the bathroom? Who doesn’t cheat and take a walk out to the living room once in awhile? Who regrets it every single stinkin time they are an idiot and does stupid things like that? Not me.

Slowing me down to this extent has never been the good thing. Brain tends to move a little too fast for that and I find myself frustrated even though things are getting better because they’re not getting better fast enough for my liking.

Once again, amazing friends to the rescue . Friends have come out of the woodwork to do everything from transport me in the middle of the night to an ER which worked out extremely well so nobody panic, grocery shopping which I haven’t had to Avail myself of as yet, to work-related issues, to just listening to me kvetch and be anxious about the fact that I had to take so much time off….


PicsArt_07-21-04.13.59In keeping with the random nature I’ve discovered a few things that has become my favorites in this weird situation. I never use the case that my glasses came in. I tend to just leave my glasses wherever which is a big mistake but I do it none the less. However I found that the case when open, works as a fabulous little stand for my phone , my Kindle or anything else I want to prop up in order to be able to just kind of look at and not have to hold the whole time.

IMG_20160721_045433911.jpgSecondly I have this little light. It’s doesn’t put off a ton of light but it puts off enough to glow up a dark room. My brother-in-law picked it out last Christmas for me. I gotta say it’s one of my favorite Gifts of all time I use it everyday. And now is no exception. I tend not to like a lot of light and this is just perfect. It’s on right now in the dark so I’m going to take a photo of it but I’m hoping the flash will not make it seem as though the whole room is lit up- it’s not.


Acupuncture. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about acupuncture. I’ve used it a few times in my life now and never with disappointment. Well there’s not truth in that but it was only one time and it’s not even worth mentioning. So some friends recommended this really wonderful acupuncturist to help me out. And not only do I feel more hopeful about this situation but I feel like it’s the first Ray of Hope I felt in this situation. Because I’m not someone who does well on medication, finding another alternative is imperative. I have a few more appointments this week and I’m really looking forward to being able to return to work at least part-time next week.


leela-and-drexelI found this photo this week from Kristi at Thankful Me….it makes me happy…. if you haven’t seen it before it’s a photo of Lela the sphinx kitty and Drexel the good boy! Please forgive me Kristi  for not putting up a link , my silly phone just doesn’t seem to want to let me. I’ve taken to dictating posts right now because I keep getting hit in the face every time I try to use the computer in bed. I figured I don’t want to pull off this term of bed rest without any front teeth at the end.


Others help immensely as well!


Never underestimate the power of an occasional Twizzler, or a “good” B movie.Screenshot_20160717-112437.pngTwizzlers_Logo


Have a great day!



24 thoughts on “Random #476.3

  1. So sorry to learn that you have had yet another misadventure. And a misadventure which apparently did some damage to you. 😥 I would lend a hand with your recuperation, but I think I’m located a bit distantly for that.

    If you want some comic relief (via television) during your convalescence, the Republican’s are having a get-together in Sinsinati (sp?). If that’s the sort of thing you like, you may find it interesting — it is totally out of this world. As in it couldn’t possibly happen where we are living. CAUTION, I’m a Canadian and don’t fully understand the ins and outs of American humour (or spelling) or politics.

    I hope you rest well.

    Oh, btw, has anyone ever suggested to you that you may be accident prone? I could discuss this with you if you wish.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


      1. I understand about the RNC. And I didn’t realize the deep truth about being accident prone: you had an accident, now you’re prone (bed rest).

        Who says Bears aren’t clever?


  2. One thing I forgot. Twizzlers. Excellent form of food, providing nourishment and comfort to many. I’ll pick up a package for you if I see any.


  3. No need to link the photo; I’m just glad you enjoy it!
    I think I’ve discovered how we are different. I’m definitely squarely in the Red Vines camp. I’m willing to still be friends, though. 😉


  4. Twizzlers and B movies are awesome, and YAY to not getting hit in the teeth! Glad you’ve got people around you to help and bring you things. Shame they can’t bring the toilet to you or pee FOR you instead of you having to move.

    YAY TO READING! I loved The Uncommon Reader – I even laughed out loud a few times. I could SO see it happening 😉


  5. I think we should call this “The Bed Rest Chronicles”. Who else could do such a stellar job of creating a wonderful random post while resting in awkward positions! I am so VERY thankful that the acupuncturist is offering some much-needed hope! I firmly believe that things are going to get better! And I love your little lamp. We have a salt rock lamp that stays on 24/7 and gives just enjoy glow to the living room to walk through without falling over the cats wrapped around your ankles. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Good heavens. I hate to hear you’re having a rough patch. (How’s that for a nondescript (is that a word? I feel like it’s a word, but spellcheck disagrees.), complete understatement?) slow recovery is frustrating, but it is recovery. Don’t you dare muck it up by trying to do things you shouldn’t! Glad to hear friends are stepping up and helping out. Wish I could be one of them…
    am interested in your list of funny books! I’m off to check out the one you mentioned!


  7. I really don’t like knowing this is going on with you, but I am very glad to know your nearby friends are pitching in. I would so do that if I lived up there. I would love to live up there… I do love Josie’s “Bed Rest Chronicles” idea. Who else could make that scenario entertaining but you?
    Send me your short list of books? Maybe since I can’t write for shit lately I can read instead.
    Be well and mobile soon (but not too soon…behave) and know you are always in my prayers.


  8. Short list: allan bennet : the laying on of hands, an uncommon reader, the clothes they stood up in. Jasper Fford…. the big over easy and the fourth bear


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