Physics & the TToT

For those who only get to visit on weekends you may have missed it, but earlier this week, Joulie moved in. She was supposed to go home with some other family but they didn’t show up… their loss.

Her actual name was Jewell however I feel better with the alternative spelling from physics classes. She really fits the latter form, as a joule is a unit of energy and man, is she a ball of energy. Not unlike Doug she has already accumulated a few nicknames like dragonlady and Mrs. Belle E. Rubs.


I’ve also taken to calling her Madam Curie after one of the most famous women of physics. As a side note did you know Marie Curie’s scientific notes are kept in a lead box and must be viewed wearing radioactivity protective equipment?

Anyhow, Joulie has moved in and while she had a hard road before this, hopefully she will find her new home as the poodle sanctuary Doug found it to be.


I’m grateful ten times over for dogs… especially the ones I’ve been fortunate enough to know.


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26 thoughts on “Physics & the TToT

  1. I’m already feeling the love for Joule (the Madame Curie trivia fact about the lead box is interesting, btw) and I look forward to seeing more of her. I love the shot of her standing on her hind legs looking out the window. Do you suppose she’s a cougar? Cobee’s only six.

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  2. Welcome, Ms. Joulie! Needless to say, you are both blessed. We are all for dog rescue…just ask Stella & Kenzie (two very different dogs). Of course, our cats are rescues, too.

    We somehow missed out on the prompt for 6SS but hope to be back next week. I have come to love flash fiction, so thank you for hosting it here.

    Happy to see you doing and feeling better. I understand firsthand how health affects everything and sorrow affects health. Hugs.


    1. I am grateful to Josie for letting me continue her idea! I love six sentences! Thanks 4 all your support around losing Doug. And I’m sure you are absolutely correct that Joulie will be a wonderful addition. And I’m also sure that the grief didn’t help my physical situation. Which hopefully will be resolved at some point soon. I’m trying to remain hopeful. I’m so glad you participate in six sentences and I’m going to be sure 2 get this week’s clue out soon


  3. Glad you’re settling in, Joule. I hope you have a long and happy life with Ivy and the girls (and an occasional Bear).


      1. Sometime I’ll have to tell you (more) about my brother’s dog–quite the character, a party-hearty 60’s dog, wore a bandana around his neck…no “establishment” collar for him ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. totally love the walking on hind legs photo! btw what the hell is that thing J is dragging through the house, it totally reminds me of one of those, prehistoric fish that are never seen cause they live at, like the bottom of the Marianas Trench or someplace and only on occasion will get washed up on a shore and end up as a carnival sideshow attraction or a special on the Discovery Channel. (“Next Week, In search of ancient skydivers”)


    1. I had originally bought that giant snake / alligator because she kept throwing tennis balls underneath the dresser and right now I’m not mobile enough to keep running after them. As soon as she saw the snake she gave up on the tennis ball and decided to start dragging it around instead.


      1. I don’t know if I made that clear but the snake is one of those things you put under a door to block the draft. So I thought it would work under the dresser to block the balls going under there


  5. I did NOT know that interesting fact about the notes of Marie Curie!
    You know she’s a part of the family when she already has a plethora of nicknames. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I love this and I love that you and Joule have found one another. My heart thinks Skip sent her to you. Definitely think our pets end up with multiple names because over time, as we get to know them, their personality shines through and that’s where those names emerge. Our three Rottens have quite a list of their own. โค


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