PicsArt_07-15-08.03.02Today starts the month of August and the 30 Day Art Challenge!

If you recall, I put up a page (look at the header) with a list of cues for daily works of art. Clicking the button on left will also get you there.

Art is a subjective thing, so any way you wish to participate is fine with me. You can feel free to write, paint, color, draw, collage, video… you get the idea… art is in the eye of the beholder.

Here’s the first week of cues:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Favorite book character
  3. What are you looking at right now?
  4. PURPLE!
  5. You created a monster!
  6. What do you miss?
  7. What’s your superpower?

If you’re at all interested in participating, I will post a linky every day and you can feel free to link up!

This is my day one:


It’s a shadow box I just finished for my nephew’s birthday and describes him to a tee! He is an avid golfer, a pharmacist, an idea man, a handy man, a meticulous person in everything he does, as well as a gemini and the man who would go out and cut down our Christmas tree every year. He used to collect old keys when he was younger. The initials at the bottom right are to a rather unusual nickname I gave him as a kid. The pink flamingo represents his new wife who I think of as a girlie girl. She is quite lovely.

All of these traits are somehow symbolized here.

16 thoughts on “Art CHALLENGE

  1. That is awesome cool! He will most certainly treasure it. Your ability to understand people in all their parts is what makes you such an awesome friend. I love the items you chose to represent his characteristics!


  2. I’d been wanting to come over here and comment…we got back from the beach, had a weekend to catch up and then I started back to work on Monday. It’s been a whirlwind. But I’m looking very much forward to your art posts this month! I minored in fine art and just love it! 🙂 The collage is beautiful. I love how it symbolizes everything wonderful about your nephew.


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