When I devised this challenge for myself I was bored to tears with bedrest and looking for something to occupy my time. Zoom ahead two weeks …no more bedrest, very active new doggy, and I’ve returned to work….I suspect that there are going to be a lot of little drawings and doodles this month. Here we are at day 2, and I’m already resorting to pencil and paper. Although I have to say, just taking fifteen minutes to draw was a Lovely little break in the day and the spirit of the challenge is to have fun and relax a bit.

Day 2 is a favorite character from a book. The past couple weeks I found myself rereading some old favorites while I convalesce. Humpty Dumpty gets killed in THE BIG OVER EASY by Jasper Fford. It’s a hokey comedic fairy tale murder mystery that at times is laugh out loud funny. I always liked the stylings of humpty in the Lewis Carol books and that’s where my rendition is from.

Remember if you want to participate in ANY  format, writing, drawing, collaging….feel free …. there’s a link here and it will stay open until the end of the month.

Without further ado…Humpty Dumpty.PicsArt_08-01-07.14.48

12 thoughts on “DAY 2: 30 DAY ART CHALLENGE

      1. Bless you, dear Ivy–glad you liked it. It seemed to go on and on…exhausting. So, expect something with brevity today 🙂 🙂


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