IMG_20160804_074012135_HDRMy relationship with time is an odd one. I’m finally starting to realize that making an effort to be mindful in the present is a far better place than looking ahead. For some silly reason there is always a bit of dread in the future. For example, I really love my job, and when I’m doing it I am very present, which I think adds to my enjoyment of it. Yet I continue to await the start of a work day with reluctance. There are days that each minute feels like a test, but those days are fewer and farther between.


18 thoughts on “MINUTE

  1. I am glad that the way you have restructured your workdays is making it a nicer place to be so that every day doesn’t have to begin with dread. I would like to return to the days of my youth when every morning was something to embrace. Time has often been my enemy, yet when I have more time I seldom make good use of it. I think my attitude needs a bit more adjusting! 😉


  2. I think one reason we dread the future is each time we turn on the radio, TV, internet…we hear all the bad things going on in our world and the bad far out ways the good things. Time is just one more thing we have to keep track of!

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      1. Yes ma’am–it surely does. I went to bed last night (well, this morning) with a mildly ambitious plan for today–but upon waking I discovered it had morphed into a too-big-deal for one short woman–so I’ve rescheduled for tomorrow 🙂 Wish me luck–it’s only a bus ride to the library, for heaven’s sake! (I guess getting annoyed with myself isn’t all that helpful 🙂 )


      2. No self flagellation never works. Good luck. Im sure you can do it let me loan you a little of my faith in your abilities! Let me know what books you take out!


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