SIX SENTENCE CUE & TToT the Superhero Edition

As many know I am doing a 30 day art challenge. Anyone is invited to participate any way you see fit. Because isn’t that what art is? Just check out the list of cues at the link above.

Today’s cue is: What’s your superpower? And here to answer that artistic question is Joulie the toy poodle of future internet fame and fortune.PicsArt_08-06-05.39.00 If you’d like to participate in today’s question or any day for that matter… here is a link which like all the cues will stay open all month so whenever the mood strikes you can feel free to join.

next week’s cues (starting Monday) are:

  1. What couldn’t you live without?
  2. What’s your favorite movie?
  3. Cityscape
  4. Worst food ever!
  5. A favorite childhood toy
  6. Water, water everywhere!
  7. If you could go anywhere in the world?

If I were given the chance of a superpower I think I would like to fly but more like the silver surfer does it. He can fly in any atmosphere. So he can surf the cosmos on his silver surfboard or just peruse around Earth if the mood strikes. But if I can’t fly around the cosmos then I will have to be grateful for what I already have here. SO  with that not-too-obvious segue let’s move on to the TToT.

A second MRI revealed the problem with my leg and back. Not good news but news so at least I can move on with it. Nuff said.

Clark wants this clock: IMG_20160804_074012135_HDR nuff said

While she’s not Skip ( yes Im aware its not fair to her) , Joulie is pretty cool and starting to grow on me. IMG_20160805_170901Nuff said.

Because of this silly injury I haven’t seen my Mom in at least a month. I am going to see her tomorrow. Nuff said.

My paperwork is not caught up but improving. Nuff said.

My sister is getting really good at pottery. Although I’m jealous cuz I love to do pottery and can’t right now… She made me this… very cool pot…which I just lost the photo of because my phone is tweeKing out. But it’s still working as a phone so …y’know…nuff said.

Joulie had her debut at the library today. This was a bit of a ritual for skip and I so it was a real coming out for her. She walked in and immediately relieved herself on the floor.  The very understanding librarians were very sad to hear of Skip’s passing, but welcomed Joulie with open arms.

ok, not much of a list i know…but I keep falling asleep …gotta go!


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17 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE CUE & TToT the Superhero Edition

  1. Well, I’m worried about the MRI news…nuff said–but otherwise enjoyed the report. Have to laugh about Mademoiselle marking her library territory–hahahahhahahaha!!! Wish I’d saved Frank and Stella’s recent story for this week’s cue–“ring”–oh well, I’m not out of ideas yet… 🙂 Hang in there, gals–it’s not over yet (life) 🙂 xxoo, stella


    1. Yeah health is always a freakin issue….tiresome that! Joulie marking her territory was more embarrassing in the moment but she did do it right where skipper used to hang out! Little dork!


  2. Tough to hear some more bad news, but I see why thinking up a super power could be a welcome distraction. I imagine being able to fly because so much of my disability is about feeling trapped or held back in some way. Flying is the ultimate freedom. I so love all your prompts and wanted to participate. I liked the one most of all from this first week about what we are seeing. I was letting my lack of sight in recent years make me bitter for the visual art I once could do and backed away from seeing the good I still get to experience. I know I could still take part, as there are so many ways to express oneself artistically, but I did think I could just use your prompts as writing ones, as writing is a form of art too. I fell behind and not sure I will catch up, but I did end up doing a post yesterday about a variation on what I’m seeing.
    I am happy to share this month long art challenge of yours and don’t count me out just yet, as you know.
    Art makes me happy, even when I’m battling bitterness and even when it is the visual kind I can no longer see. Thanks for sharing. I will mention this and you as something to be thankful for. We can all appreciate art.


    1. You know I don’t know how you do it. You have had soooo many challenges. Im not just saying that I think of you often when another one comes my way. You inspire me to be my better self and to shut down my lesser self. You have an amazing spirit! If only you could bottle it youd make millions! Im so glad you like the art challenge…art is anything you perceive as such. There are at least two people who don’t link up but are writing their way through the month….no rules makes it easy to just do the prompts you like as well!!! Kerri, thank you so much for your comments and know that you sincerely make a huge difference to not only me im sure! ♥ Ivy

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You brought Joulie to the library, and I missed it? Sorry to hear about the MRI. Maybe your next book should be about staying positive in trying times. If I could have a super power, I think I would like to be multi-linguistic. Be able to understand everyone and speak their language, would be pretty cool to me.


  4. Safe to say the Librarians will not mistake Joule for skip, no? lol (an aspect of the perfection of the canine people, ‘the short path is very often the best, be direct!’ let ’em theys a new dog!)


  5. I’m a week late and all the dollars short, but SO glad there’s progress and maybe-improvement, and things which are on an upward trajectory.

    Joulie! What a shocker! At least she’s gonna be memorable, right?


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