Day 8 :30 Day Art Challenge

Cue Day 8: What can’t you live without


Born in an earlier time

I would’ve never been writing this rhyme

I may often complain

but let me explain

that without healthcare I’d only be dying


In another time frame I’d be stuck

without blood to replace mine that sucks

the life from my veins

and again I complain

cuz I’m tired of feeling so f*****  screwed


7 thoughts on “Day 8 :30 Day Art Challenge

  1. Tell us how you really feel about this! Hehehe Seriously, I think it’s fantastic that they can do things to keep you here among us, but like all such measures it just doesn’t come easy and I wish you could feel truly good often enough to not be defeated. If our willpower and prayers alone could effect this you would feel like a million bucks. But there are always new discoveries, and we can continue to pray for your miracle, and even for days that are pain free. XOXO


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