Cue: what’s your favorite movie?
I kind of have this thing for B movies – sci-fi and black and white horror flicks are best.The more ridiculous the better.
For your viewing pleasure I offer the B Review 
Let’s start with a little known but no less important film titled…
* The Creeping Terror  (1956): It looks not unlike a giant houseplant made from old blankets. Our heroes manage to establish that it came from another planet. By mid-movie it has eaten or shall we say “pollinated” 6 people; it seems to think girls with good legs and high ranking army officials are tastiest…
*House on Haunted Hill (1959): You may have actually seen this one. It stars Vincent Price as the lunatic host of a party to which he has invited only five other guests. They are granted the use of a gun (tastefully presented in a casket), and instructed that they will receive $10,000.00 forThanksu in staying until morning. The night is filled with screams and skeletons (on very dangerous looking cables I might add).  Scary, scary, stuff.
*The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962): This is the one with the brain…you know, that wouldn’t die? Just kidding. This poor slob’s fiance just happens to be a demented transplant surgeon who saves her decapitated head after they get into a car accident. If you’re lucky enough to recall this classic, you will remember a very pissed off woman with her head stuck through a hole in a table. A whole lot of electrodes are adhered to her cranium. It doesn’t get better than this unless of course it’s…
* They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1968):…in which the cabbage of a gorked out fuhrer is essentially carried around in an empty fish tank until he can be united with a worthy Aryan body and take over the world. Yeah ,well…good luck with that.
Of course there really were some classics such as…
*Nosferatu (1922): The mysterious Count Orlock has decided it’s time to look for a new hunting ground. He hires himself an up and coming real estate agent to come up to the castle and help him out. The vampire Count relocates to the city of Bremen and learns the true value of the adage, “location, location, location.”
And let’s not forget my personal favorite…
*Santa Claus Conquers the Martians(1964): The children of Mars are lethargic and depressed and their parents are concerned. It is the middle of Septober which coincides with December on the planet Earth and the arrival of Santa Claus. In an effort to appease their offspring, a crew sets out from Mars to capture Santa and bring him to the red planet (where everyone is ironically green…very Christmassy). We meet Earth children,  an emaciated polar bear with a suspicious looking seam around its neck, and a series of elves who appear to have some distant genetic link to C. Everett Koop. On Mars we will meet mentally deficient martian men who despite incredible naivete, have somehow learned quantum physics and the mysteries of interplanetary travel. Do you wonder why it’s my favorite? 
I hope you get a chance to view at least one of these gems. I can’t help but recommend them all. I-


5 thoughts on “DAY 9: 30 DAY ART CHALLENGE.

  1. Your love for these classics cracks me up, I never would have guessed if you hadn’t admitted to it! I think we all need a little laughable absurdity in our lives to counteract the horrors of reality. If you’re going to go B-grade movies, might as well go for the very best of them! 😉


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