It’s a Virtual Menagerie: TToT, SSS, 30DAC

Okay I will admit it….

I am trying to gather too many things into one post.

I just can’t motivate lately and well…. this is the result so….

If you don’t mind humoring me…




You can go anywhere in the world


This is a doodle of Petra.



One of my friends at the library had some old photos of Skips that she sent to me. I really appreciated them. IMG_0153

None the less this little critter is starting to grow on me.IMG_20160805_170901

Joulie had a rough start here with some serious stomach trouble that turns out was related to some other trouble that I wasn’t informed about at the shelter. She has a broken jaw that is still healing (like its only maybe 3 or 4 weeks old). Well luckily we have the best vet in the world and it was discovered what the problem was and Joulie is well on the road to recovery.

I am able to work through my current health issue. soooo appreciative….

Your bud and mine, Lizzi, sent me the coolest little birthday card and paper airplane of good intentions… I would show it to you but I left it at work where I was flying it in my office!

Mr. Wakefield, also your friend and mine, Clark, understands about the wild land we live in out here and what a tasty morsel a little lamby looking dog might be in the night… so he sent Joulie this.IMG_20160813_162642 It’s an LED collar cover! Before you ask…she doesn’t mind the lights…

I am also grateful for many texts and voice messages this week. These are a few…

It’s silly but I am really grateful for washing machines and driers… yahoo!

I love to watch our garden growIMG_20160809_065448

and lastly I am grateful I was able to see my Mom this week after some length of time.

Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “It’s a Virtual Menagerie: TToT, SSS, 30DAC

  1. Ohhhh such a lovely post and I think you crammed LOADS in and YAY for that. So glad your paper plane of intentions got flown at your office, and I hope it works! LOVE the LED collar, and (as a cyclist) I think they’re really REALLY good ideas, especially with the nights drawing in.

    So glad you’re getting to the root of the tricksiness of Joulie, and that she’s settling well.


  2. I’m glad to hear that Joulie is doing better and I think that’s a really cool collar Mr. Wakefield sent you to put on her. Apparently she does too! She looks very well adjusted to her new home. (love has sooo much to do with that! ) I completely understand your gratefulness for washers and driers…I would be miserable without mine!


  3. Just how did my ancestors wash their clothes? Oh, how I am thankful for the same things you are.
    Ouch! A Broken jaw is unpleasant for anyone, to say the least, so glad she is getting the healing help she needs from the vet and from her new owner.
    Working on my water water water submission today and hoping my sister will help assist me in posting it in the linkup.


  4. Sometimes it’s easier to just put everything into one pot.
    So sorry your pup has a broken jaw, even if it is on the way to mended now. That has to cause at least some pain or fear when eating, which can make man or beast cranky, since food is so important.

    Your garden looks tremendous and i’m so glad you got to see your mother.


  5. What a nice post! Nice pictures. What kind of tree is that with the orange flower? Hope Joulie gets better soon. Did the vet have any idea how that happened?


  6. ha! wait’ll the nighttime predators get a load of Joules* in the backyard at night looking like the dog from the 27th Century.

    * Do you read the bible Mr Coyote? Well, theres this passage I’ve got memorized, Ezekiel 25:17 “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men…


  7. The epitome of a strong heart is one that can find the thankfuls in life during a trying time. You show me the way and keep me working at it. I am delighted that little Joulie is getting better and settling in to her new digs there, she looks pretty happy about it all – love that lighted safety collar! How can one not smile at a sunflower?! 🙂


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