I had stomach surgery two years before the day my colon ruptured. I was driving on one of the more deserted stretches of the Massachusetts turnpike; and if that weren’t enough, it was 8 AM on a Sunday morning and I hadn’t seen another car in miles. I kept hearing my doctor’s warning about my unusually high pain tolerance, “…fever, vomiting, pain means you are in danger and need to get to a hospital.” Driving had already become agony, but my last stop convinced me I needed to get to the next tollbooth or I might not make it. I got behind the wheel and drove a few more miles, where I was able to tell the tollbooth operator that I thought I needed an ambulance. The last thing I remember before passing out, was her saying, “well do you need one or not, I’m about to get off shift?”



24 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. I cannot even fathom trying to drive in that condition, the pain had to be excruciating, regardless of your high tolerance. I am so thankful you somehow made it to that tollbooth and obviously she got the message when you passed out. Some people are just self-absorbed beyond words.


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