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I’ve been trying to find a way to lighten up, but still continue to write a bit more than I have been of late. I tried my hand at a positive living blog with Carrot;cropped-carrot-on-the-stick truth be told it was one of my more negative, hateful experiences… totally less than positive. So I’ve decided to go back to where I had my most fun in blogging. My very first blog was Tale of a Caniche. I didn’t know half the people I know now in the virtual world. I don’t even recall if I had ANY followers, but I did have fun.

It’s time to have more fun so I started a second blog in the spirit of my first. This one is called Too Dark To Read and is also dedicated to fun, your pets, and life with my new girl Joulie.IMG_20160815_153619749

Be sure to visit at the link above and also when there, to visit JOULIE’S page. If you want to include a favorite animal just send me a photo.

I have been really fortunate to have really great healthcare practitioners. Oh like everyone I’ve had my share of bottom of the charm and intelligence class dropouts, but I currently have the best acupuncturist, the best vet (for Joulie, not me), and a couple really great specialists as well. I’ve invested a lot of time creating this team… totally worth peace of mind, (well, considering it’s my mind….peace is relative!)

PicsArt_08-25-09.59.57I am healing, and will be getting a second opinion on some surgery in a few weeks. I have been forced to lay low lately. I’ve been trying to stay on my feet by cutting back. Unfortunately, I tend to get bored quickly. I’m highly distractible and require a certain amount of entertainment value in my daily living. A little while back I realized that I never adjusted my lifestyle based on my limitations. In order to be fun, something usually has to be physically active for me to enjoy it. I can’t do much beyond walking these days, and some not even that. I feel like I’ve been searching for the ideal activity forever. None the less… could be SO much worse. I am healing, my endurance is increasing, and my pain is completely controlled without meds.

Taking walks with Joulie is allowing us to enjoy more wildlife; bunnies, skunks and deer, birds, fox and lots of other dogs and their humans. Joulie is learning the rules and has been able to stick to “inside voice” pretty consistently.

It seems the blogging world has slowed a bit as of late. I am no exception, but I am grateful that 6 sentence stories continues and that the TToT is up and running.

Go check out the new blog and enjoy the long weekend if you’re lucky enough  to have it off!IMG_20160902_093608.jpg

18 thoughts on “TToT and Another Blog

  1. I’ve cut back some on blogging too lately. It has become a save haven for me in a crazy world, but if I ever want to grow I am afraid I will have to try writing in other places. Afraid is the key word there. This TToT is something I’ve come to count on, on a weekly basis, and I am just afraid if it slows down too, enough to even halt completely. I suppose time goes on and people move along. Sad.
    I will check out your other blog now though. I think blogging and having a blog are special things and helpful to sort out the insanity, at least in my own world. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to say and glad to hear your health is somewhat controlled. It is a fine line that I too walk in that area, but hope things work out for you and the team of experts you’ve gathered around you.


  2. I hope you continue to search for (and FIND) things which entertain you. In a pinch, the ‘oddly satisfying’ videos on YouTube are worth a look! Glad you’re managing your pain without meds and still getting out and about with Joulie. Sounds like that’s quite the achievement! Long may it continue, and improve.


      1. Letters. That’s my go-to. Though it’s not active. BUT BUT BUT doing hand-grip exercises can significantly reduce your blood pressure, so that might be useful…adunno!


  3. I was so ready for this long weekend. Being out and about more than usual as I observe my time off, I have dealt with several people who are laboring right through the weekend. It has made me realize that I was kind of taking the break for granted.


  4. I think it is traditional for blogging to slow down over the summer when there is greater desire and opportunity to be out and about. The change of seasons and the cold of winter makes us more settled and reflective. I am grateful that you work so hard to find the right people to help with your medical issues and that you are able to control the pain without major medication. I believe that you will find new outlets for your energy, creativity and entertainment when you have adjusted to the major changes that your life has undergone, it takes time. First we must mourn as with all losses. I love the idea of this fun pets blog, which of us isn’t constantly entertained by the antics of our furkids and those of our friends! I am proud of you for always regrouping and trying something new when Plan A or Plan B isn’t working for you. You inspire me to do the same! XOXO


  5. Joulie’s learning to use an inside voice! Bahahahaa! Maybe she can teach Pete the same. I need to record him when he’s bored and looking for someone to give him some attention. You can’t imagine the volume on his yowl!


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