Another New Computer, Another New Cue

I don’t know how many people realized it, but my blog has been coming to you from my phone for at least 4 months. Back in March I bought a new computer, that month my computer started going pretty screwy, it wouldn’t let me download photos or even put links into my blog post. I rely on my computer to work at home for both of my jobs and while I’d like to blame it for my current writer’s block, I’m not so sure I can go that far.

Well after going to the computer store at least 4 times in the last 6 months, I finally decided I’d had enough. Once again I spoke to Phil, the manager, and Greg, the head of Tech Support, both of whom I didn’t know personally 6 months ago, and informed them I would expect a new computer by the afternoon. Needless to say I received the phone call mid-morning to say they hadn’t found any problems with the computer. Once again they suggested that perhaps I needed a stronger router (the one I currently have can pick up ham radio in most of the Eastern Bloc countries), or perhaps my problem lies with user error. I was having none of it. I marched myself into Tech Support and proceeded to show them what was wrong with this computer. By the end of my demonstration, I was still laughing and amazingly calm, but Greg had already called for the store manager and if possible a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism.

Phil, the manager, and I had had some disagreements in the past about this particular computer, but I must give him full credit in saying that yesterday he came through. Yeah you may say it took 6 months, but it can’t be easy with as much of the public that comes in complaining about technology, to weed out the ones that might be legit.

This evening I should have a new computer in my hands. A new era of blogging begins this week. While it’s not completely up and running, I did start a new blog just for fun called Too Dark To Read . I would love it if you go check it out and even more if you would send me a photo of your favorite animal companion for our Friends Page.


See you Thursday!

The Six Sentence Cue of the Week is range.



15 thoughts on “Another New Computer, Another New Cue

  1. Good for you not giving up Zoe! I know the feeling when you know exactly what happens but when it’s time to demonstrate to someone the problems, suddenly the machine is functioning perfectly lol
    I love the photo. I can’t help but picture it a month from now all colorized 😀


  2. I don’t think anything is more frustrating than unresolved technology issues. You have been more than patient and I am praying that this time you will end up with all issues resolved and a computer that you can truly enjoy working and playing with. That’s not too much to expect!


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