• IMG_20160806_175639200I started a new blog called Too Dark To Read if you go to it and click on the About page it will tell you how to reach me and I would appreciate any favorite animal photos. Joulie will meet you there.
  • Joulie and I are growing accustomed to each other. She is hyper and so am I. She loves to walk and I like walking. She is loud and so am I. She pees outside. I don’t. She is a lovely little spirit with great capacity for happiness as is witnessed by the constant blur that is attached to her butt.
  • I have returned to work full force and am continuing to be primarily pain free in my book. A great success this acupuncture thing. Hopefully someone is gonna say I can avoid surgical intervention. 20140401-reagantoast450I’m hoping my next MRI comes out with an image of Jesus burned into my spine! Please Dear God, ANYONE but the current Republican candidate.
  • I have a new computer. The one I bought five months ago was a lemon and the store finally admitted it and replaced it with an upgrade and the model I wanted. Satisfied? Yes.
  • I haven’t seen my Sunday morning breakfast buddies in a while due to schedules and physical limitations. Tomorrow we dine!
  • My buddy Richard of photo blog fame ( I will be updating his blog next) is putting out a new book this Christmas about geese. 13723911_10205909706653435_4628147797138996413_oFabulous photos as always. I am also so thankful to him as he walked Joulie on Thursday when I was going to be home far to late than would be reasonable for her to be on her own. He managed to actually poop her out for longer than a half hour… very cool.IMG_20160817_115421924
  • Gratitude abounds for the new car. I am told my old one is rapidly approaching the 35,000 mark. I do hope it makes 50!
  • I am grateful to be surprised by beauty in unexpected places.
  • unnamed-1
  • My neighbors as always and so many of the things we share like fresh veggies from the garden, chores and costs.
  • Hey look I can be a hostinae again! Thanks to the new computer I am not doing this on my phone for a change.
Ten Things of Thankful
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11 thoughts on “TToT

  1. The computer lasted 5 months?! I would think it would be difficult for the store to deny it was a lemon, though I wouldn’t be surprised they tried.
    Love the stalwart heart of that little flower popping up from the pavement. Made my day!


  2. Hey to Joulie! I’m glad that she’s getting used to you and the environment. It’s not easy for an older dog! And I”m also thankful that the acupuncture is working for you. It’s a very common treatment here. Though it works slowly, it may work better to treat certain illnesses than conventional medicine. Enough rambling from me!! Hugs to you and little Joulie!


  3. unclear on how the linkation thing works… saw you link at the Doctrine, but not conversely (or is that obversely or cursive or revertive….) anyone, have redone the link. Will pop over to the other blog and say hello to Jouliette


  4. I think it is probably good that you and Joulie have opposite peeing habits! Hurray for housebroken dogs! 🙂
    (I can’t remember if I ever told you, but you are, of course, welcome to use the photo of Drexel and Leela!)


  5. Wow, I am thankful that both you and Joulie found so many reasons to be thankful this week! I am most thankful of all for your new computer which frees you to do things like this again, and removed that possessed one from your pile of major aggravations! I love that flower growing by the curb, life can bloom in hostile places, so can joy! XOXO


  6. It has been sooooo too long since I’ve been around to catch up with anyone! Looks like I missed a bunch.
    YAY FOR (relatively) NO PAIN!!! And back to work and acupuncture!
    YAY FOR NEW (to you) CARS! (Or did I not get that right? Did you get a new car? I hope so. Your old one was making me way nervous.)
    Biggest YAY goes to Jouile. Nothing like an active dog to get your motor running. 🙂


  7. I am so very happy to know that you had a good day (other post) with friends. I love good even if not extraordinary days. Pain free and enjoying life is exactly what I like to know. I would be doing a little dance in my office, but my stomach is killing me today and I just don’t have it in me. I’m dancing in spirit, though. Really glad about the car and most especially about Joulie finding her way to your heart, and you to hers. ❤


  8. I’M SO OUT OF THE LOOP. A new car? New to you car? A car not held together by duct tape and dental floss and chicken wire? For reals?
    Peeing outside is more acceptable for dogs than people, so that works out pretty well for you two.


  9. “Tomorrow we dine.” – Love that simple sweet statement.
    Ah, anyone but him…I pray daily. Fingers crossed.
    I would love to send you a photo of my Dobby for your animal photo collection. Perhaps if I can figure out the whole photo thing I will.


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